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2nd day rash all over body, cough and high temp

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greyriver Sun 28-May-06 19:44:46

have been googling but can't seem t find anything that matches DD's symptoms...

Yesterday when she woke up she had a rash all over her body, slightly raised, with more spots near her folds of skin. She has had a terrible cough for 2 weeks, (which doc said was nothign to worry about) which has now noticeably become worse (she sometimes gags when she coughs) and today the rash has spread to her arms, legs and slightly on her cheeks, as well as still being everywhere else. The rash on her arms legs however is different to to the rash on her belly. the rash on her legs and arms are extrememly raised, individual pinhead round red spots...whereas the rash on her belly are not indiviual spots, and looks almost more like a heat rash....she also had a temp of 38 before bed (usually 36.4 and she didnt have temp yesterday....)

Does anyone recognise these symptoms at all?? She is 16mo and hasnt had her MMR yet.....booked in on thurs.....I have looked at measles pictures and they dont appear to be what DD has.


Oblomov Sun 28-May-06 19:58:52

Ds 2 has rash.
Exactly like yours.
I thought measles.
And temperature.
Took him to doctors on fri.
Was told it was viral.
Also alot of tummy bugs going around.
Told to look out for cough and diahorea.
only calpol advised.
Not saying this is what your dd has...
but there is an awful lot going around.

WigWamBam Sun 28-May-06 20:02:15

Does she have any white spots in her mouth? If so then it's probably measles - which usually comes with a cough. Otherwise it may well be one of those rashes that they sometimes get with a virus.

If you're concerned, give the GP or NHS Direct a call and see what they suggest.

LittleMerlin Sun 28-May-06 20:02:20

Oh this is weird - noticed when I bathed DS2 tonight that he has a rash virtually all over - not really raised though - sort of under the skin. But no temp, otherwise fine, although a bit off his food. Think it is a viral thing.

Hope yours are better soon!

dinny Sun 28-May-06 20:03:01

greyriver, does she have rash behind ears or in mouth?

if so, cld be measles - otherwise, I seem to remember dd having similar symptoms at about 1.5 and it was roseola infantum. here

greyriver Sun 28-May-06 20:11:44

Thanks everyone for your replies, certainly helping put my mind at rest a little, I checked for white spots in her mouth and i couldnt see any (well....DD was screaming and not being the most coopertive i have to say, to i could have missed them if there were any i guess), I phoned NHS direct yesterday and they said they thought it sounded like a viral inf, and to cut her nails short in case of itching, and give piriton syrup if rash gets very itchy, but DD hasnt scratched once, so i have just been giving calpol or nuforen for her temp, and trying to get lots of water down her. It seems to be this evening that the rash has got loads worse though......I am begginning to wonder if her rash is still as bad tomorow maybe i should get her some piriton, to be honest its her cough thats causing DD herself the biggest problem though

greyriver Sun 28-May-06 20:15:12

she did have rash behind ears yesterday, but it seems to have gone down a bit from yesterday and appears to be more on her cheeks, cant be sure about the spots in her mouth though....I am beginning to wish i had been more forceful with her when trying to look in her mouth earlier

dinny Sun 28-May-06 20:25:15

how is she in herself, Greyriver?

greyriver Sun 28-May-06 20:35:09

Apart from the cough Dinny, which is totally driving the poor girl up the wall, she is fine, slightly off her food, but in herself she is her normal self - laughing, playing, content toddler

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