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do i take dd3 down to emergency clinic tomorrow for possibly infected eczema?

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misdee Sun 28-May-06 18:19:40

she has a big path covering the back of her neck. it is inflamed red and scabby. not weepy, not hot to touch, tho a little warmer than normal? havent got anything here to treat.

misdee Sun 28-May-06 19:07:06

anyone? or will i get told off?

tegan Sun 28-May-06 19:37:23

If you are concerned go and get it checked out. Personally I always get dd1's eczema checked if it has changed as it is a nightmare if it gets infected.

calsworld Sun 28-May-06 19:42:14

I'm with Tegan - get it looked at early before infection takes hold....some antibiotic cream now may prevent lots of pain later... I'm 30 and still book myself in for 'emergency appointments' if it turns as it goes down hill so quick - can't afford to not be able to move! And they don't tell me off!! Well done for noticing it so quickly!!

misdee Sun 28-May-06 20:04:42

will take her in the morning.

all 3 of my children have eczema, with dd1 it was really bad and out of control. dd2's is mainly undr control, dd3 has only just started with it.

tegan Mon 29-May-06 13:02:21

How is you're dd misdee?

Both my girls have it too but dd1 is alot worse than dd2 thank goodness.

misdee Mon 29-May-06 17:25:08

took her to clinic where she saw a nurse. who told me i could buy hydrocortisone over the counter for it. i said last time i attempted to buy some for my eldest i was refused as you cant buy it for a child under 12. nurse took a look and agreed that its possibly infected, went to the gp who wrote a perscription for fucidin H.

never mess with a mum who knows infected eczema after 6years of dealing with it.

Pixiefish Mon 29-May-06 17:57:57

have you tried that dermol if it's infected misdee? As well as the fucidin i mean- it's an antibac body wash. not used it for dd but have read good things.

Also bactroban is good for infected excema (prescription)

misdee Mon 29-May-06 18:23:34

we havwe dermol500 lotion here, its the only stuff that works on dd1 eczema. so tonight dds 1,2+3 will be gettingh the whole works, balneum bath, dermol and fucidin H. (dd1 lehs hasd flared and dd2 arms are looking a tad red).

tegan Mon 29-May-06 20:00:30

Do you find that in the weather can affect eczema too.

DD1 has it quite bad and has asthme to go with it but when we go abroad she is perfectly healthy from them both and her eczema clears totally for about a week after we get home then it flares up again.

misdee Tue 30-May-06 08:00:03

yes, this weird warm/cold weather has wreaked havoc. then by the end of the summer their skin settles back down, but then the central heating comes on and dries them ut all over again.

bluejelly Tue 30-May-06 08:53:22

My dad had this once, all over his face. It only lasted about a week but it looked ghastly. I'd get it checked out asap

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