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Whoknows36 Sun 09-Jun-13 22:49:06


Whilst pregnant on dc I suffered very bad piles. Since then I've had the odd flare up and what I thought were constant piles. My gp referred me to a bowel consultant where I had a camera examination and was found to have internal piles and external skin tags. Apparently these are left over old piles!! My internal piles were banded and even though I still get flare ups they aren't too bad.

But I'm really embarrassed about the skin tags, i dont feel clean and they make my sex life suffer too. Does anyone know how I can get these removed?

The banding was so painful I didn't hang about long enough to ask the gp.

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Littleredbrickmammy Tue 16-May-17 18:58:44

Wait until after you give birth. I had 2 removed 6 years before getting pregnant. Post op wasn't too bad just very uncomfortable and first stool not fun. But after pregnancy and birth got another 2. Saw the hospital about another issue involving that area the doctor pointed out I had them but said it would be best to leave removal until I was sure I was not going to have another baby as it was likely they would come back.

SunEgg Tue 16-May-17 19:02:48

Thanks Little. Maybe I should wait then... although mine are not from my previous pregnancy, I have a tag since early teens.

Littleredbrickmammy Tue 16-May-17 19:57:00

My initial ones were not pregnancy related unfortunately.. had the first lot removed at 27 and then had my child at 32. I think if you have them they see it as likely to be re occurring. confused

Littleredbrickmammy Tue 16-May-17 19:59:34

Mine got removed on NHS.

Funnyface1 Wed 17-May-17 10:47:59

I'm having one removed next weekend. But I'm also having some surgery for internal piles at the same time so it's a bit more complicated. I have 2 children and don't plan on anymore pregnancies so getting it sorted now. Encouraging to read some of these stories. Just hoping my recovery doesn't take too long.

SunEgg Wed 17-May-17 18:21:31

@Funnyface1 All the best, I am sure it will go fine. I'm pondering over whether to wait or just get it done. Concerned it'll be difficult to take time out for recovery with more kids and also that the NHS may stop doing them for free ... Feeling really unsure.

Funnyface1 Wed 17-May-17 23:07:49

SunEgg I'm going private so I don't know about the NHS cut backs. I have had no support from the NHS. My husband is taking two weeks off work to look after the kids while I recover, I just hope I can cope after that.

MakeupLover1 Thu 31-Aug-17 22:19:54

Hi, am looking for some reassurance!

I had banding of internal haemorrhoids and removal and stitching of a couple of skin tags under general anaesthetic two days ago. Yesterday I took a peek in the mirror Andy could have cried. I was expecting post op swelling but, sorry for the description, it looked like my entire bum hole was surrounded by grapes! By today some of that swelling is going down but I have a very large swelling where I think one of the tags was removed. It looks worse than it did before the surgery! Has anyone else experienced awful swelling post op and did it go completely after a while? Thanks in advance for any replies xx

Cray936 Thu 01-Feb-18 08:58:40

I had perianal skin tag after giving birth which embarrassed me high after being declined surgery to remove them twice I decided to tell my gp there were painful and really irritating and becoming a big issue for me and finally they agreed to do surgery when I met my consultant she couldn't of tried to put me off more telling me the pain will be horrific and worse than child pain and its left an open wound and she advised strongly I didn't go ahead but I did I had the procedure no open wound they burnt and cut them off to minimalist scaring new method apparently painless currently one day after procedure managed to go to the toilet fine no pain at all smile hope this helps

Haggisfish Thu 22-Feb-18 23:02:47

I have a large anal skin tag and an odd fanny freckle which has been biopsies. I’m preparing myself for a precancerous cells diagnosis and am quite scared it will have progressed further as I’ve had them for years. Sigh. Will update with results. How large were peoples ‘large’ tags? I reckon mine is a good inch long and quite thick at the base unlike all my other skin tags which are attached by very thin skin stalk as it were!

Cheerup123 Sat 23-Jun-18 08:22:23

I have had “piles” banded on 4 different occasions with not much discomfort except for last one when 4 were banded but I believe the consultant said one was very deep and I had “ period like pain “all night . I had previously thought I had piles outside my body around the anus but finally asked this time and the consultant said skin tags. So I have just read in USA you can have them burned off, frozen off or cut off and this procedure is done all the time. If your tags are caused by haemorrhoids, insurance will pay for it. My query is, why in the UK is there a reluctance to do this procedure and why can’t we be offered the burning or freezing methods?

Madagascar1997D Sat 01-Sep-18 05:22:49

Guys, I feel like I am dying and would really appreciate if you would share with me your experience with skin tag removal. Every day for me has been a challenge for the last 2 months , I am in severe pain. It all started 2 months ago with me having to go to the toilet after any piece of food I would put in my body. I had to go to the loo for like 6-7 times a day, watery diarrhoea and I have an anal skin tag which would inflame and go crazy on me. I couldn’t handle the pain anymore so I went to the hospital to have a colonoscopy.. they did it and said that apparently there is nothing wrong with me.. that it’s just my diet and stuff but they did a biopsy on me for which I am still waiting the results. I went home and the pain was there, nobody helped me with anything.. I had to deal with this on my own and I didn’t know what to do. Everything I ate was turned into water and I lost weight and made different rashers on my back and hands, I dehydrated and I felt like decomposing. I went to the gp few days ago because yet again I couldn’t deal with this anymore I’ve been locked in my room for 2 months because getting up from bed was too hard and also couldn’t leave the house as I had to be near a toilet. The gp said I have irritable bowel syndrome from stress and anxiety which makes total sense but still didn’t help me with my real problem which was the fact that I can’t even sleep. Now it’s 5:20 am.. and I am in pain. A lot of pain. I don’t even know how to stay anymore. I was thinking about having my skin tag removed but from what I see it wasn’t ok for people who don’t have it irritating and inflamed and in pain.. which means that most likely will kill me. Can anyone recommend anything please?

Ldss89 Sat 05-Jan-19 21:52:14

Hi all,
I had AST removal 2 days ago. So far so good - pain has been bearable, just feel very sore. Sore when I walk, sore when I Move, sore when I sit down...still haven’t managed to open my bowels yet and I’m getting anxious about it as I’ve read online that this can be very painful sad. I’ve been taking laxido but isn’t working. When I go toilet (for a wee) I use wet cotton wool to wipe my bum also just to make sure I’m keeping the area clean. I’ve noticed that I now have a bit of a weird smell. Smells like I’ve done a poo and not cleaned (sorry TMI!!!). Anyone else notice this?!? Am I doing something wrong? Should I stop using the wet cotton wool? I’ve also been sitting in the bath about twice a day to help with the soreness and I’m drying down there with a flannel when I get out. Any tips would be great!!

rainypanda Fri 25-Jan-19 01:16:39

I thought I'd share my experience. I'm 26 and have suffered from external and internal hemorrhoids for the past 20 years. Due to a lot of difficult external piles and some thrombose-ing, I developed skin tags over 10 years ago.

Keeping clean has been an issue (not to mention looking like a little exploded flower down there) so over a month ago I finally had a hemorrhoidectomy which removed 2/3 of the piles. I live in Seattle with many excellent surgeons so the process from diagnosis to surgery was less than a month.
I thought two weeks would be enough for a recovery, but I developed complications with fissures (yes, the most painful thing of my life and I've had tons of health problems) after surgery and needed to be on bed rest for 3 weeks.
I'm a health freak and did everything right, but please remember to stay on a liquid diet after surgery and take stool softeners right away.
Not trying to scare anyone, but the first 5-10 bowel movements had me screaming even on Percocet and Tylenol. I learned Ibuprofen slowed down healing for me... Anyway...

I had to go back and forth from hospital because of the extreme fissures (splitting skin) I developed from the inside to the outside of my anus. Not fun. This is also very uncommon.

Unfortunately, my bum hole looks horrible now with two giant skin tags that redeveloped two weeks after surgery when I finally had the nerve to feel the area in the tub and then examine myself in the mirror. Not gonna lie, I cried a lot when I saw how things were healing. I knew it wasn't the last procedure I would need.

I've come to terms with how things look now that it's been well over a month and the fissures have finally almost totally healed so I can go without gauze for most of the day and am only in 3/10 pain during BM's (still some bleeding).
At my last doctor post op appointment I had three different surgeons surrounding my butt (I was cracking jokes the whole time because heck, what else can you do). The new doctor I saw told me that he would be able to BAND the excess skin that's leftover on the outside. What?! At the time he sounded very confident and said he's had wonderful results with minimal pain this way (my primary surgeon who is amazing backed this up). I am skeptical after scouring the interwebs trying to find anyone who has had any experience with this and came up with nothing.
My primary surgeon said another surgery under general to remove the tags might result in the same thing all over again, as well as has a further risk of incontinence (joy). The only catch with banding is I've had to wait for the fissures to heal or else I would be in too much pain. I know all about pain...

I can say that with every horrible and agonizing experience in my life once you get through it our minds have a wonderful way of blurring out the memory. I would go through this again just to know that me bum hole won't bloom with swelling and pain due to hemorrhoids every time I do the slightest irritating thing to them. I didn't look pretty there before, I sure don't now, but every partner I've been with hasn't cared at all. Hope that gives some people comfort. I did the surgery for me and am determined to have a somewhat flat anus that's easy to keep clean and doesn't trigger UTIs. So forward we go... I will update again after this banding, which terrifies me a bit but hey, I've been through hell once and survived.

Tips for recovery:

- Liquid diet!

-Prunes! I like these better than over the counter crap that has dyes which made me feel icky.

-PURE ALOE VERA JUICE ON GAUZE!!!! This saved my life and I still use it to soothe the area even now. I've heard of people making ice packs for their bums, I bet freezing the gauze would be a God send for the first week after operation.

- Keep lots of gauze on hand, way more than you think you need. I kept little stations around the house, by the bed and the toilet and pre cut lots of strips but wish I had more ready because running errands sucks.

-Try a grocery delivery service - I had a two week free trial for InstaCart and honestly cried from the relief of having groceries sent to my door.

-Take your pain killers on a schedule. Don't wait until it hurts or you'll need twice as much.

-Tylenol was way better than ibuprofen for me.

-White Tiger Balm for headaches. I get headaches from OTC and opioid pain medication but had to take it, so this helps.

-STAY OFF COFFEE. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Worst mistake I made when I was constipated day 1 after surgery from the anesthesia. Instead I absolutely loved Yerba Mate Tea which helped with the caffeine withdrawal migraines I got. Win win. It helps with mood and healing.

-Keep 10+ bottles of juice or fizzy mineral water around to stay hydrated (I mixed my fizzy water with a natural anti inflammatory tonic of Tart Cherry, Ginger, and Tumeric from Amazon and it was the best part of my day and really helped with the nausea from Percocet)

-Epsom Salt and Lavender Oil in the bath for pain

-Don't be afraid to call your doctor if you're in a lot of pain after week two like I was... better to catch complications early and the appointment I made with him at that point saved me. He prescribed a cream for my fissure pain spasms that's allowed me to heal and sent me home with extra pain medicine and no judgement which I got from requesting refills over the phone. 100% worth it.

Good luck! I will update when I have news.
YOU ARE NOT ALONE! #ForeverEnviousOfNormalButtHoles

pleasetellmethereisacure Mon 03-Feb-20 10:39:09

I know this is an old thread but wondering how you all got on having had AST removed through surgery?
I have had this left over ST hanging from my butt hole blush for 6 months following piles. I have been to GP - NHS won't do anything. She sent me off with cream to try and reduce. Didn't work. I went private and had the cryotherapy to freeze it with the hope it would fall off. It didn't - went back and was told I would need to see a consultant to go down the route of day procedure under general anaesthetic. The appointment alone is a small fortune before the actual bill for surgery. If it was a permanent cure I would be happy to pay out but is there a chance this may come back...?
Piles is not something I suffer from. It was my 2nd time having them 6 months ago. I had them about 5 years ago 8 months after 2nd child.
Is it worth the money? The risks? The pain?
They cause me such anxiety with the whole hygiene issue and have killed my sex life.
Advice please ....

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