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tips for managing stress...

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winnie Sun 28-May-06 11:18:04


WideWebWitch Sun 28-May-06 11:28:40

Oh Winnie, me too, I could do with some advice here. I went into work yesterday and because it was Saturday and I was calm (when I got there anyway!) someone said to me 'omg, you look really nice and, well, young.' - within an hour my eyes were bloodshot and my skin had hives again. Sorry, no help to you at all. I think I'm going to go for a long walk later, I think exercise helps me quite a bit.

And I am probably going to drink wine again tonight although I will go back to no drinking next week.

I would like some yoga breathing you can do at your desk stuff really.

raggedyanna Sun 28-May-06 11:29:26

Ok here goes
Breathing slowly and steadily
Listen to some YOU music
Make a plan/ list (can make things seem more manageable)
Take a walk
Listen to others and decide if the advice is helpful to you
Tidy a room/ declutter
Give yourself a break, think of 3 great or at least good things about your situation
Retail therapy
Express feelings and thoughts on paper (poetry/ letter to self)
Have some time out
Learn your limitations and work out how to delegate teh rest
Pray (if this would be useful)
Share the load, go and be with other people for support and ideas
Get enough rest
Have a sense of humour
Hope some of this helps, I have a list by my pc that I look at now and then and usually something from it will work, most often the make a plan one helps me.

WideWebWitch Sun 28-May-06 11:30:35

ten minute yoga workout , will carry on looking for breathing stuff, you can't exactly do that at your desk!

WideWebWitch Sun 28-May-06 11:32:03

Ooh, look, this is what I had in mind, I'm going to print this out

WideWebWitch Sun 28-May-06 11:45:10

ooh look, stressbustinguk!

winnie Mon 29-May-06 15:37:04

Thanks raggedyanna & WickedWaterWitch

The weekend has been spent dealing with stress by eating and drinking so I must do better. Will have a really good look at the links & think about how I can incorporate some of the suggestions into my life

SleepyJess Mon 29-May-06 16:18:32

Bach's Rescue Remedy seems to help me to a certain degree

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