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health anxiety

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EnlightenedOwl Fri 07-Jun-13 20:03:20

I seem to have this and its getting worse.
I mean today I've had a meltdown because collected my repeat prescription and for whatever reason (computer error I think) only been issued 14 day supply of my cipramil it should be 28. easily sorted with a phone call so why do I get so panicky over anything health wise?
In fact why do I keep getting panicky over relatively minor issues full stop.
anyone else have this?

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 07-Jun-13 20:05:06

I have had horrible health anxiety this year. I've been prescribed ADs and it has really helped, I'm feeling much better and more positive and happier than I have been in months.

Jaydeelee Fri 07-Jun-13 22:06:37

I have this. I'm not on anti-d's, but am having high intensity CBT to try to tame it. I've had three sessions so far, but it's not working yet. Apparently it takes a while, but ultimately can be as effective as medication, and is a more long-term solution - many people combine the two. I've also been on a six session 'managing low mood and stress' course, which has helped me understand the phyiscal symptoms of anxiety and the 'vicious circle' of the thoughts and the adrenalin-related symptoms they cause.

I am a nightmare at the moment - I constantly convince myself there's something seriously wrong with me, the kids or my parents, and am probably top of the 'hypochondriacs' list at my doctors' practice. I also constantly imagine bad things happening to me and mine (eg fatal accidents), and am terrified of anything death-related as well. My poor CBT therapist must dread seeing me!

I hope you manage to find something that works for you - anxiety can be a living hell, and very debilitating. x

EnlightenedOwl Fri 07-Jun-13 23:31:42

the thing is when dealing with work stuff I'm fine - cool, calm and professional - I think people would be really shocked if they knew I was like this really.

Lonelybunny Mon 17-Jun-13 10:59:38

I suffering with this quite badly too. This year I've convinced myself I've had a brain tumour, breast cancer , now I have a birthmark which I'm scared is going to turn into skin cancer and a lump on my arm which has been a few months which is probably just a cyst but I just can't shake it out of my head. I have turned into a wreck , when it's at it's worse I can concentrate I feel sick , snappy and just want to sit and think about my so called cancer lump sad . I'm on citalopram and it is helping and I'm able to push the bad thoughts away a bit but it is utterly debilitating at times . I'm fine at work too in fact work keeps me calm and keeps me going as it keeps my mind off it , it's when I'm on my days off it kicks in which is horrid as I should be enjoying a day off , but no days off for me sad

Lonelybunny Mon 17-Jun-13 11:00:14

Also I didn't realise how common Heath Anxiety is , come and post on the mental health boards. A lot of support there .

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