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Doctors refuse to link Panic attacks & hypoglycemia , very desperate, any one else suffering??

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melsy Tue 03-Feb-04 10:16:26

I have posted in last 2 weeks regarding panic attacks and there increased severity these last 2 weeks. I like to read and find out reasons behind it as I think it will help to heal me . For many years I have suspected I have hypoglycemia, I have been registered with a grp for this in USA,here , but didnt think to look at it the last year or more as I havent had as many problems with it. The weird conection is that i have been dieting on WW for 8 weeks and found this has all happened in this period, is this a coincidence,I wonder???.

My father told a colleague at work what has happened to me the last few weeks and he told my father that he has been diagnosed officialy for this condition, he also said that my attack is the same as he suffered more many years before diagnosis. I have found this article and it all seems to make sense . What is upsetting is how my doctor wants me to go the phsychiatric route and has not bothered to even research or test anything else(except at Barnet A&E were I demanded some). I feel very alone with this and have been suffering VERY badly and the symptoms are exaclty as described on these websites. I even have thoughts of suicide (weirdly not by killing myself, I cant do that, but just disapearing into ether), which I did NOT mention to my pchychiatrist or ANYONE in my family. I feel so frustrated and angry with the traditional medical society , I dont know were to turn to get the relevant tests.

noddy5 Tue 03-Feb-04 10:25:06

Low blood sugar can exacerbate panic attacks for sure.I was doing the atkins diet last christmas as I wanted to lose weight quickly before a big family trip to Ireland Basically I didnt want them to see how chubby I had become and so I was strict.I suffered with panic in the late 90s and while on the atkins all the old feelings returned

mummysurfer Tue 03-Feb-04 10:38:35

Could this help in the short term ?
sorry I can't give any long term advice.

kizzie Tue 03-Feb-04 11:08:01

Hi melsy - Ive looked a lot into diet and hypoglycemia to help with my own panic attacks.
It seems that very few people who have this problem actually have 'medically diagnosed' hypoglycemia but are definately sugar sensitive and suffer from fluctuating blood sugar levels.

You should certainly persist with getting your local surgery to do a blood sugar level test but in the meantime try and eat something every three hours (much better to have a lot of small meals than three big meals a day).

Avoid too many biscuits etc (Im hopeless at this), sugary drinks and eat things like wholemeal crackers / brown rice etc etc.

The other thing you could do is go and see a nutritionist - youd have to pay but maybe just go for one or two sessions to get some tips.
Im just going to find a link for the mental health group that concentrates on optimum health through food and will post in a minute.

bunny2 Tue 03-Feb-04 11:08:17

Melsy, were you following a diet a couple of weeks ago? I seem to remember you posting about WW. Could that be linked to your panic attacks?

kizzie Tue 03-Feb-04 11:15:01

Hi Melsey

The expert nutritionist for mental health is Patrick Holford and his website is (Sorry totally incompetent - just tried to do a link and didnt work).

Hes also written a number of books that you can buy or get from libraries

StressyHead Tue 03-Feb-04 11:44:34

message withdrawn

melsy Tue 03-Feb-04 11:51:55

Streesy head I have just sent you a message as my pc wont allow me to untick the box.

Enid Tue 03-Feb-04 12:16:41

Melsy, if you suffer from hypoglycemia you should get relief from your symptoms by following a good diet and eating little and often. Could you try that yourself without bothering with tests?

StressyHead Tue 03-Feb-04 12:22:20

message withdrawn

kizzie Tue 03-Feb-04 12:26:52

Melsy - let me know if you find anything that helps - can always do with some extra tips.

melsy Tue 03-Feb-04 12:31:46

Enid yes I agree I should monitor my diet, but I feel I need acknowledgment from my GP otherwise they will continue to treat me as a physchiatric case. I think I will have to find another doctor there or find a specialist in this field.

aloha Wed 04-Feb-04 09:36:05

There is no reason why you can't follow both approaches Melsy. Why not see a nutritionist to sort out your diet as well as seeing your GP. TBH you have been feeling very low (from your posts) for a long time. A good diet will make you feel better anyway so why not give yourself a double whammy. A qualified nutritionist will be happy to help you. Remember, you can't 'make' your GP agree with you - but your actions don't have to depend on anyone else's opinion.

Evita Wed 04-Feb-04 16:07:53

Melsy, I've been reading this thread and your other one. I haven't replied because I haven't known what to say other than I really really feel for you. I've had horrible psychiatric problems in the past but fortunately escaped PND (though no-one expected me too!!).

I wanted to say 2 things here. One is that severe depression / anxiety can cause a multitude of physical symptoms. I got so 'physically' ill at one point that I had quite major abdomen surgery but I now know I didn't actually need it. My symptoms cleared up with the right anti depressants and a good psychotherapist. BUT in terms of hypoglycaemia, if, when you're getting panicky you eat 2 v. sugary sweets and within 20 mins are feeling better, then your blood sugar is probably low.

Secondly, almost as a contradiction to what I've just said, don't let anyone fob you off with being a 'nutter' if you really do feel unwell physically. I've recently been diagnosed as having a heart condition but it's taken a heck of a long time for me to get my doctors to take my symptoms seriously as all they see is what's on my notes. It's infuriating and very stressful.

I've sometimes dreaded the thought of anything happening to dd, even a relatively common thing like a broken bone. I'm sure my doctors notes will be looked at and I will be labelled a crap or even dangerous mom.

Oh, to escape the past. or at least to have some doctors who take you seriously and know that you have some insight into yourself.

I wish you the very very best of luck. It sounds like you have a wonderful support network around you. xxx

pie Wed 04-Feb-04 16:28:01

Hi Melsy

I just want to reiterate something Evita said. Depression can cause VERY physical effects, and whilst hypoglycemia can exacerbate panic attacks, Depression can effect eating patterns to the extent that you end up with hypoglycemia. Chicken and Egg if you will.

6 years ago I ended up in hospital as my doctors thought that my MS had come back, after a week of every test under the sun it was clear that my MS was still in remission, I was in fact Depressed. I had been fitting in the street etc, lost use of one arm. My Depression was as much a physical thing as a mental one.

I've had periods of hypoglycemia and I've had (have) Major Clinical Depression and I can honestly say hand on heart that the former did not come with suicidal feelings. I know it can be different for each person, so maybe hypoglycemia is leading to suicidal thoughts to you. But whether you have mentioned them to your psychiatrist or not there is a good chance you psychiatrist will know you are having them anyway...hence the psychiatric route.

Are you still taking the ADs?

survivour Thu 05-Feb-04 02:18:45

Hi Melsy, hope your feeling better? If you think that you are having low blood sugar levels, maybe we could spend the day together, I have my blood glucose meter, we could do a proper check through-out the day. It does explain the mood swings you have been having......Let me know when you feel up to it. And get plently of rest!!!!!

melsy Thu 05-Feb-04 14:06:04

Thank you all for your support here & thank yu survivour , may be we should get togther next week I will judge how I feel as i havent driven for a couple of weeks , although a friend has said I should see her tommorow in Enfield for coffee. May be I will walk there I think its about 4 miles from me!!

My GP called me this morning ,as she had noticed I hadnt made an appt to get my test results and she said she was worried about me. Anyway after a long chat I mentioned the hypoglycemia and symptoms and she is sending me to Hospital for a glucose test, if that comes back with something abnormal then I will go in as an outpatient for a GTT. The only thing about a normal glucose test is that the problem doesnt show up unless you are having an attack or havent eaten for many hours. I am wondering if I should stop eating at 7pm the night before and have no breakfast & as soon as it is open in the morning go to the blood bank??

kizzie Thu 05-Feb-04 20:22:52

Hi melsy - you should get instructions before the glucose test as to when you can and cant eat before having it done (so they can get an accurate result)
Good luck with it.

melsy Sat 07-Feb-04 10:50:40

Kizzie Im not sure I will get instructions as my GP is just leaving a slip/bag for the glucose test to be given at the hospital blood bank at surgeries reception.

Beadgirl Sat 07-Feb-04 10:56:05

haven't read all of this thread. but thought this may help ... when i had a glucose test i had to fast from the night brfore then go to the hospital, they took blodd then gave me a glocose drink i then had to wait at the hospiltal for a couple of hours then they took some more blood then i could go.
it's to see how your system manages the glucose.

Beadgirl Sat 07-Feb-04 10:57:00

apologies for the grammar.....
then, then, then

melsy Sat 07-Feb-04 11:43:23

That sounds like a GTT beadgirl,which the doctor isnt sending me for yet. I think this is an initial blood sugar level test.

melsy Sat 07-Feb-04 11:56:14

AAHH that was it: in the search section you should be able search for links. Or have a summary page of all links and who has linked them.

melsy Sat 07-Feb-04 11:57:13

Please delete previous message as added to wrong discussion. Soreeeee had nothing to eat , going a bit wooozee.

melsy Sat 07-Feb-04 11:58:33

I dont know how that happened , the other discussion was at the top of the active discussions when I clicked it open. WIERD!!

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