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18 month old How many poopy nappies is normal?? POSS TMI Sorry!

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maisiemog Fri 26-May-06 23:19:24

My 18 month old ds does about four or five poops a day and has done for some time. It seems a normal healthy consistency, although sometimes it is pretty liquid. I'm wondering if this is in the normal range or is excessive and should be checked out.
I wonder if he is having too much fibre in his diet, or if he has a food allergy of some sort.
This might seem a bit boring, but I'll just outline what he has on a typical day to see if it sounds a bit fibre rich.
He usually has the same cereal as me, most frequently this is fruit and fibre, although we also have cheerios sometimes. He usually has a bit of apple mid morning then for lunch has a slice to a slice and a half of brown bread with egg and cheese scramble or with tuna and cheese or cheese and ham, plus quite a few grapes or some melon.
He often has a snack of a banana in the afternoon and for dinner has some of our dinner plus veg or fishfingers peas and brown bread and butter, or Lynda Mccartney sausages peas and brown bread (he likes peas) followed by fruit and full fat Greek yoghurt.
He doesn't eat everything I give him, but usually manages a half to three quarters of the meal.
He is still breastfed, but also has drinks of cow's milk and water throughout the day.
He is a very slim little boy who is always on the go.
Does this seem too fibre rich for a baby of his age?

PinkTulips Mon 29-May-06 13:01:39

not sure about the fibre issue but my dd 16 months has about 3 or four VERY pooey nappies every day, also quite soft, almost liquidy. i wouldn't worry too much as long as he seems healthy in every other way.

crazychilledmummy Mon 29-May-06 13:06:29

My Dr mentioned a thing called Toddler diarrhoa (not sure if thats spelt right!) which is considered normal if child is active, growing well and otherwise healthy. As well as five or six fairly liquid nappies it can come along with undigested food in the nappies too. i think its a metabolic thing.

hermykne Mon 29-May-06 13:10:03

mm, how much cows milk ? if u stopped that there might be a difference. my ds had 2 at that age, morn and am, consistency varied dep on dietary intake.

jellyjelly Mon 29-May-06 16:52:52

Why are you giving fruit and fibre? Just check out the fibre content per 100g against weetabix/shreddies. How many peices of brown bread does he eat in a day? The amount of fruit sounds great and if he likes fruit and the fact that you are still feeding is great.

gingernut Mon 29-May-06 17:15:36

My ds1 used to have 3-6 soft squishy poos a day at that age, and he is fine (I think ). I don't think it's necessarily a problem but you can always check with HV or GP. Your ds's diet looks fine to me.

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