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YellowFeathers Fri 26-May-06 14:37:32

I wasn't sure wether to put this in pregnancy since I'm 28 weeks but I don't think it is related as such.

Last Thursday I passed out after I'd had my bloods taken. No real suprise as I hate having it done and my BP was taken before the deed and it was quite high.

On wednesday I could feel myself going again but managed to throw myself on the patio outside and the awful feeling passed.
The MW came out, checked BP, wee and baby and everything was fine.
She queried a bug as I had a bit of diarreah.

The exact same thing happened yesterday and luckily dh was here to catch me and sit me down. Again it passed after an hour or so and I felt fine.

Today I have purposely taken it easy to avoid it happening again as its not very nice and so far I have been ok.

Now if it's not pg related what is it thats making me feel like this? The only thing I can think of is my needing to "open my bowels" each time it does happen.

Has anyone else experienced this and known why?

LucyJones Fri 26-May-06 14:45:08

Could you be anameic? Although I guess the blood test would have shown that up? Do you eat little and often to keep your blood sugar level stable. I get that feeling of needing to go to the loo sometimes if I go hot and dizzy. Some people have suggested it's a panic attack

YellowFeathers Fri 26-May-06 14:48:32

They thought it could be anemia but they chased my bloods up and they're ok too.

I think the little and often eating might be a good idea as I normally just eat big meals.

I guess it kind of makes sense if it's a panic attack as it could be the adrenalin kicking in.


morningpaper Fri 26-May-06 15:12:31

I pass out occasionally because I have LOW blood pressure. But I always feel like I am going to have the runs or be sick just beforehand. DH has found me with my knickers around my ankles unconscious on the landing a few times. So those sensations are not abnormal. But as to the cause, I can't offer any advice. Hope you feel better soon. xxx

foxinsocks Fri 26-May-06 15:16:36

who was it the other day whose husband passed out when he was having a wee? something to do with all the blood flowing down to that area and leaving you short in others?

I used to faint when I was pregnant but like mp, it was because I had low bp so the only thing I can think of is that your bp suddenly dips?

hopefully it is just a bug and it will pass - have you been to the GP?

MrsBigD Fri 26-May-06 15:17:55

I have a tendency to fanting due to LOW blood pressure and hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar).

Try eating small portions frequently. That might help.

Might you be overdoing it being pg? I thought I could run the world during my first pg and promptly overdid it . My HV kept telling me 'listent to your body, it's trying to tell you to SLOW DOWN'

It might be pregnancy related if the baby pushes on a major artery/vene in the groin/hip area. My friend had that from about 1/2 way through the pregnancy. Very unsettling and she had to stay home from work as she never knew when it could happen.

YellowFeathers Fri 26-May-06 15:26:09

Thanks everyone

MP, that must be awful never mind Does it happen alot?

I think when I had my bloods done my BP probably stabalised as it's always ok (120/60 70) but I reckon I got up too quickly and it dipped which is when I fainted.
I haven't been to the gp but I was going to if happened again today.

The only other thing the MW picked up on was that the baby was head down when this time last week he wasn't so maybe that might have muddled things a bit.

I think the eating advice is good, thanks. I'll start doing that from now on. Maybe I should slow down a bit. I think because this pg has been so "easy" I might have been going a bit mad.

morningpaper Fri 26-May-06 15:29:14

Luckily it does NOT happen often!

YellowFeathers Fri 26-May-06 15:39:10

Thats good!

I feel a bit better now knowing that it's not all that uncommon.

pegasus Fri 26-May-06 16:12:45

Have you been standing up each time? I fainted once whilst pg with ds2 and I had been standing in a queue. I was told that your bump can block the flow of blood upwards to your head and can cause you to faint, so try not to stand up for too long without moving around a bit to aid circulation. HTH

YellowFeathers Fri 26-May-06 16:15:34

Yes I was until I threw myself down
I agree standing isn't the best way although dh always makes me get up and walk around to get the blood flow back and all I want to do is lie down!

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