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teething nappy or something in his diet?

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queenrollo Thu 25-May-06 20:33:20

ds (10 months) is teething. 4 coming through and he's his usual happy self. dribbly but quite happy. this last fortnight his nappies are awful.....very runny/mucousy and yellow. he always goes off his solids a bit and wants more milk when he's teething and i'm wondering whether it's the amount of formula in his diet giving him these awful nappies. just wondered if anyone had any advice or experience to share about this.
he's had the odd bad poo before with teething but these are horrendous.......and he's a real wriggler come nappy change so i'm desperate to get him back to more grown up poo!!!

Monkeybar Fri 26-May-06 13:11:32

My ds similar age, similar wriggler and 4 teeth and dodgy nappies plus nasty nappy rash which he hadn't had before. Went on for a week or so and then he started vomiting too and it turned out to be a rotavirus infection. Similar for a friend of mine, her ds has had peculiar poos for about a month now, but the last week has been vomiting too and went quite listless, but is over the worst now. Might be something brewing with a long incubation period? (My ds has never been much of a milk drinker and his diet hadn;t changed when these happened)

bobblehead Fri 26-May-06 14:35:55

We just had a few days of very odd looking greeny nappies with dd 11 mnoths. Also gave her v bad nappy rash. Not sure whether it was diet (she'd also drunk alot more milk recently), general upset as we'd just come back from holiday on a long haul flight, or teething. The day her tooth broke through everything went back to normal though.

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