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Hurting when I cough or laugh.

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Noideaaboutanything Thu 30-May-13 21:30:16

Wondered if anyone knew what may be the problem with my shoulders/neck. Each time I cough or laugh my neck and shoulders really hurt, ok when I take a deep breath but just really painful when I do these two things. I don't want to bother the doctor if it is something simple that can be sorted with a bit of ibuprofen any ideas?

greencolorpack Thu 30-May-13 23:09:42

Sounds like my sisters symptoms which were a blood clot on the lung. I would phone NHS direct if I were you.

Noideaaboutanything Thu 30-May-13 23:13:52

Holy shit! sad

greencolorpack Thu 30-May-13 23:19:30

Sorry. Hope it's nothing serious.

greencolorpack Fri 31-May-13 21:12:54

Any news? (worried)

Noideaaboutanything Fri 31-May-13 21:47:17

Oh, sorry. Yeah I went doctors today, I have trapped nerve he gave me some ibuprofen and sent me on my way. I do feel a bit better tonight though, mind you I am on my 4th glass of rosé. Thanks for caring about me, that feels really nice.

greencolorpack Fri 31-May-13 22:23:38

That's good, sounds pretty non serious. Enjoy the wine! It's nice to get a follow up. Have a good evening.

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