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Testing for allergies/reflux

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theaevie Thu 25-May-06 12:11:16

My dd2 is just coming up for 5 months and has been an appalling feeder since about 3 weeks of age when I put her onto formula. She has had a couple of hospital stays with suspected pyloric stenosis, which was then diagnosed as reflux, and later thought to be a milk allergy. Neither of the two have been proved and the Paeds consider testing as unnecessary. My daughter didnt respond to the anti reflux meds and indeed her feeding worsened to the point of taking 10 ounces a day max. She has now been put onto Neocate, which she took fantastically for two weeks (40 ounces a day) however she then slowed with her intake and once again she is taking 15 ounces a day and thats with extreme perserverance. Its doubtful she could be allergic to Neocate but the Paes seem relucatant to push for further testing.

After an uneventful visit to the Consultant yesterday I did eventually persuade them to carry out some RAST tests but I am now insisting that they refer her to a specialist if the results come back inconclusive. I was met with extreme resistance as I am obviously questioning the ability of the Consultant but as his answer to her non feeding is returning to using a nasal tube how can I leave the matter, my baby needs a diagnosis.

Has anyone had a child with an oral aversion? my little one cries before the bottle touches her mouth? She has no swelling or obvious rashes to the teat so it is a total mystery. Can anyone recommend a consultant within Great Ormond St who could help my baby?

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