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Have been overdosing on cefalexin for almost a week, possibly longer

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cardamomginger Tue 28-May-13 01:50:04

Any docs around??

I have just realised that I have been overdosing on cefalexin - instead of 500mg twice a day, I have been taking 500mg three times a day.

I've been on long-term combination abx, had a break, needed to go back and just got confused - the others I take and that I have been taking more regularly are 3 times a day. I'm normally extremely reliable and feel really daft.

Do I need to be worried? I feel fine. Have just emailed my consultant and will call in the morning. But if I don't have anything to worry about, it'd be nice to know that tonight!

I'm such a muppet....

cardamomginger Tue 28-May-13 01:55:05

According to the oracle that is Google, it seems I can take up to 4g per day without worrying. So I'll go to bed now. I'm still a muppet though....

digerd Tue 28-May-13 09:09:12

I took Cefalexin, but was 3 or 4 X daily < can't remember now as so long ago>. But only ever one type of ABs at a time and only for a week or 5 days, and was told you have to have at least 2 weeks break, otherwise they lose their affectiveness.

Hope you are soon better

cardamomginger Tue 28-May-13 09:51:33

Thanks! I seem to still be alive..... yeah, that's the worry, isn't it - that they will lose their effectiveness. My consultant alternates them to try and retain the effectiveness whilst still nuking my system. Oh it's such fun!! Hope you are better too!

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