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desperately need help!!

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m4ya Wed 24-May-06 15:44:22

I am really worried about my 7 1/2 mnth ds.
I woke up at 6am and found my ds with a really high temp and his right hand was freezing cold and went blue in colour.
I toook him to the nhs walk in clinic but they were baffled as to wht ds' hand was that way but the high temp is down to him teethig.
Does neone kno of why his hand would have gone like thht? Any infor woul be apprciated!

Umm Wed 24-May-06 17:42:16

Gosh that sounds very worrying no advice or info!

peachyClair Wed 24-May-06 17:56:52

Ok, I don'tr know if it works on hands but if its a cold leg that can be a sign of meningitis- down to impaired circulation I believe.

Given he went blue, I would DEMAND a GP see him now, or more likely take him to A&E if he is still like it.

I hope that he is OK- fingers crossed.

chapsmum Wed 24-May-06 17:58:46

appologies cause th chap is helping me type...
like everything else in children, the blood vessels of babies are much smaller than that .0
of adults. the veins and arteys are soo mu smaller and therfore there any impairment to the circulation hAS the potential to look worse
When a child is not well and has a high temp their body shuts down the bits that are not important to healing or bringing the temp back down.
So the blood flow to his hands would have been reduced. perhas he had been lying akwardly which normally would not have cut off the circulation but in this case has. and potentially the blood flow would not have returned as quickly due to the natur of the illness?
Are things back to normal??
How long did it take to resolve
Are the drs doing anything about it??

chapsmum Wed 24-May-06 17:59:50

OMG have I misread, you have seen a dr..right???

peachyClair Wed 24-May-06 18:00:53

No I don't think she did get any proper medical attention.....

Alipiggie Wed 24-May-06 18:01:31

If his temp hasn't reduced by now i would take him down to a&e, you cannot be too cautious with your lo. They won't think any less of you for worrying.

Crystaltips Wed 24-May-06 18:57:57

Any news ... how is he ??

m4ya Wed 24-May-06 23:45:00

Sorry for late reply, his temp has gone down. The drs at NHS walk-in think his hand went blue because he had a trapped nerve. But Im taking him a doctor tomorow. I have been doing some research and ds is on some medication as he has kidney problems and it could be a side affect to that.

Thank you all for your help.

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