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bruising after a blood test...

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Carameli Wed 24-May-06 11:09:28

this morning I had to have a blood test but instead of the practice nurse doing it they had a 'blood specialist'.
Anyway afterwards I was putting my dd back in her pushchair when I my arm felt funny and felt as though there was a big swellling. Looked under the plaster and it had swollen up and was blue all around the vein. The nurse took a look at it and said it had bled underneath and that would bruise quite badly.

Has anyone else had this happen to them. I am thinking of ringing the gp and complaining about this woman and this has never happened to me before with the nurse.

foxinsocks Wed 24-May-06 11:12:08

yes I had this at the last blood test. Bruise went right up my arm!

Happens when either you don't press on it for long enough after the blood is taken or you use your arm too much (for something strenuous) after the test is done.

Doesn't ususally happen to me either but I have v quick flowing blood and I carried shopping home so I think I made it worse!

Earlybird Wed 24-May-06 11:13:27

Yes, I've had it happen. Something about how the needle is put into/taken out of the vein. No idea if it's just 'one of those things", or an indicator of lack of skill. But, it is uncomfortable and awful to look at. Sorry it happened to your dd.

Marne Wed 24-May-06 11:14:07

I had this happen to me and was told sometimes the needle goes through the vein (insted of going into it it goes all the way through), my whole arm was bruised for a few days but no harm done, just hurts a bit more so be carefull not to knock it for a few days.

NomDePlume Wed 24-May-06 11:15:14

foxinsocks, I have the same problem with 'squirty' veins . Whenever I give blood or have it taken for tests I do bruise up a treat. Last time I gave blood they had to use both arms (the first one failed and squirted) and I came home looking like a smackhead with bruises pretty much from shoulder to wrist !

Carameli Wed 24-May-06 11:16:55

ok glad I am not the only one this happens to then. my dd thought she could make it all better with a kiss

tenalady Wed 24-May-06 11:17:44

Oh yes, my whole arm was black and blue, last summer. It actually looked as if i had been beaten. Its quite worrying isnt it. I had it checked and they said there hadnt been enough presssure applied after the needle had been removed.

foxinsocks Wed 24-May-06 11:17:51


I had to take the kids swimming and was sure people were thinking I was a junkie!!

Squirty veins are great though - always something to boast about with the nurse/phlebotomist (they always look so pleased aswell - must be easier than people with deep veins who have to get jabbed everywhere!)

when I was pregnant, they took the needle out my blood squirted so far, it hit one of the walls. I nearly passed out and have been squeamish about it ever since!

foxinsocks Wed 24-May-06 11:18:43

poor you carameli, it can be quite painful!

if you have any nurofen gel, rub it on because that stops it aching so much

NomDePlume Wed 24-May-06 11:19:33

lol. The flow meter thing they put on you when you give blood always goes off the scale when I'm hooked up to it.

BettySpaghetti Wed 24-May-06 11:19:43

I always bruise (I thought everyone did!). Maybe I've just got awkward veins?

Carameli Wed 24-May-06 11:19:50

well 10wks pregnant so not sure about using anything on it. WAs going to put some arnica on it but have just read that might not be good in pregnancy..... oh well....

chapsmum Wed 24-May-06 14:57:32

Carameli, I had the same probelm when I got my first blood test what actually happened (and this is not uncommon) is that in th cruk of your arm the vein and the artery lye very close together. My nurse had pierced my artery whilst taking blood. She had applied pressur efor the correct amount of time to stop the vein bleeding but an artery takes longer. It was AGONY. you have my sympathies.
As you are in the early stages of pregnancy there is not a lot you can take but a compression bandage rest Ice and elevation did give me some relief.

buffythenappyslayer Wed 24-May-06 15:02:40

ive got really bad veins for getting blood out of!i always end up with the gp (nurse refuses to try to get blood out of me!) stabbing me here there and everywhere,and i come out with numerous balls of cotton wool taped to me!!
but i bruise really badly and they dont go after a few days,oh no,they get bigger and darker over a week!
one bruise i had right down the inside of arm lasted a month.had to go back for repeat bloods taken and gp was mortified that i had the same bruise from the previous harpooning session!!!

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