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Asymmetric breasts

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xTillyx Thu 23-May-13 10:58:30

Ok, so my left boob was always a bit bigger than the other which I know can be common. Had DD nearly 5 years ago and ever since I think it's been noticeably bigger. When my boobs swell during my period, it tends to be more so that one aswel. I'd say it's about a cup size, looks not too bad in the flesh but I took a photo of myself and it looked really noticeable!

Has anyone had this? Its like the right one went back down and the left one stayed fuller. I couldn't breast feed for long and it was the left that worked better.

StiffyByng Mon 27-May-13 22:36:46

I think asymmetric breasts are pretty common. Most women have some slight variation! There is a condition called breast hypoplasia, which can feature differently sized breasts and cause problems with breastfeeding. Why not google it and see if it seems to fit? It's not anything to worry about apart from the breastfeeding issue. I have it myself.

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