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breast nodule

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jamestheredengine Wed 22-May-13 20:05:43

I had a mammogram a couple of weeks ago and was told that breasts were fine but there was something they wanted checking with ultrasound under my arm. Have been today and the ultrasound showed that the under the arm issue was nothing but has showed up a nodule of around 3mm on my breast. The specialist didn't seem overly concerned and said that due to the size to go back in September to check it again and monitor it with another ultrasound. Not sure what to think? How worried should I be? What is a nodule exactly? Is there anyone with experience of out there with words of wisdom? Have name-changed as my MN usual name is known in my RL. Thanks to anyone out there who posts.

jamestheredengine Thu 23-May-13 10:32:13

bump- anyone?

Gingerandcocoa Thu 23-May-13 18:41:50

I have lots and lots of experience on breast lumps, fortunately nothing bad.

I really don't think you should worry, I'm not a doctor but as someone who has lots of fibroadenoma (benign lumps as a non technical term smile) I have been told they are just breast tissue that didn't form properly. There's nothing that you need to do, except see a doctor if they change / grow too much, which I guess it's why your doctor wants you to come back.

Malignant tumours look different than benign ones in the scan, so if yours looked a bit suspicious i'm sure she would have done a biopsy (when they remove a little bit of the lump with a HUGE needle, and get it checked out in a lab). So it sounds like yours look normal, but that she wants to keep an eye on it as it's the first time it's been picked up...

That's my guess, I have had to learn to live with mine so I wouldn't worry if the doctor isn't worried.

jamestheredengine Thu 23-May-13 22:18:12

Ginger thanks so much for your post. You have reassured me a lot. I didnt realise that malignant lumps look different from benign. I will try and put it to the back of my mind until September when I go back.

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