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Silly question... where do I go for ds's 2 year check up? GP or local HV clinic?

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MrsBigD Tue 23-May-06 18:24:47

The title says it all

hulababy Tue 23-May-06 18:25:33

Health Visitor

Californifrau Tue 23-May-06 18:26:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsBigD Tue 23-May-06 18:29:23

Ah I just wait and see whether they contact me

EmmaKB Tue 23-May-06 18:45:38

Do they still do them at this age?

sugarfree Tue 23-May-06 19:14:16

Ds3 was called for his 8 month check at almost two years...don't hold your breath while you wait will you?
(Still waiting for 2 year check at 2.7)

agalch Tue 23-May-06 19:33:06

I'm in Scotland and was told by my hv that the 2 year check is no longer done.Not sure why but hth

MrsBigD Tue 23-May-06 19:58:26

ah well I'm certain he's fine anyhow ;) Bit slow on the speech front with mama, daddy, uhoh, ya and a very affirmative NO but hey dd didn't speak till she was 3 and now she's got verbal diarrhoa

PiccadillyCircus Tue 23-May-06 19:59:39

Not all health authorities do them. Found out by chance that DS should have one at 2.5 when I was having DD's 8 month check.

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