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Using mooncup for first time.

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Cherryhd Mon 20-May-13 20:09:29

After experiencing v heavy periods in which even the highest absorbency tampon with pad would be deemed useless in 90mins on the first day I have researched and purchased a mooncup.
Now my monthly friend has arrived and I'm quite intrigued how the next few days will be with it.
Wish me luck and Any tips from your experiences greatly received.

sandripples Mon 20-May-13 20:23:19

Good luck - I am post periods myself but have wondered if these mooncups are any good! Much better for the environment if they work?
Pre-menopause I used to use 3 tampons at the same time for heavy days!

wiganwagonwheelworks Mon 20-May-13 20:27:27

practice putting it in in the shower a couple of times BEFORE your period starts. Practice taking it out. Don't cut the stem down very short until you are used to getting the mooncup in and out. It took me a few goes to get it right but I would never change back to tampons now. Hope it helps you!!

wiganwagonwheelworks Mon 20-May-13 20:28:19

ah I see..should have read your post thoroughly, sorry. Hope you managed OK with it on the first day and that it makes you much more comfortable!

Sunnysummer Mon 20-May-13 20:35:00

Wiganwagin has good advice! Also - if you are having any issues definitely call the helpline, the first time I used the mooncup I had a leak and called ready to be all grumpy, but instead got a very patient and helpful explanation of how to use it properly blush

Am now a total convert - it's so much cheaper, easier and less wasteful than tampons and pads! I now use the alternatives only if I know that I'm going somewhere that that hand washing or hand wipes will not be available and/or not enough, like a music festival. You don't need to rinse the cup every single tie you empty it, IMO, but I do like to wash/sanitise my hands before and after each application.

I just wish that I could advocate it more often in RL without horrified friends thinking I'm a crazed earth mother!

Cherryhd Mon 20-May-13 20:38:43

Thanks for the tip, I've not cut the stem down fully yet just snipping a bit off at a time, think ill end up without it. I really hope I get on with it will save a fortune each month plus last month my 3 yr old surprised me in the bathroom and asked if my pads were nappies blush

Cherryhd Mon 20-May-13 20:40:25

I doubt my friends would appreciate me asking their opinions on this! I can machine their cats bum faces!

badguider Mon 20-May-13 20:40:57

make sure you're wearing it lower down than you'd put a tampon.
and twist it to get it to seal and unseal.

Cherryhd Mon 20-May-13 20:42:28

Imagine not machine

RosinaCopper Mon 20-May-13 20:57:36

Oh bless to the nappies comment - my ds did something similar when he was little, saw me changing a pad in the bathroom and did the 'change nappy' sign!

Anyway, my advice would be to use a pad or at least a pant liner while you're getting to grips with it (no pun intended!) as I found it took a few goes to know when I'd got mine in the correct position and the pad dealt with the inevitable leaks. I also found the rosebud fold more sucessful for insertion than the folded in half one.

I wish I could use mine more, but for various reasons I find it quite uncomfortable to remove, so tend to alternate with tampons.

Ragusa Mon 20-May-13 21:25:09

My top tip is whatever you do, release the suction before you try and remove it. I didn't once. It effing hurt!

They are good for heavy periods though if you can get on with them. My pelvic floor is so shot that mine used to work its way out shock.

Cherryhd Tue 21-May-13 06:21:39

Top tips, thanks everyone. So far so good. Why some people think its messier than 'conventional' methods bemuses me, no messier than dealing with anything else during heavy episodes. No leaks so far but I'm not trusting myself RosinaC and padding up just in case I've not got to grips today!

cheeseandchive Tue 21-May-13 20:34:50

From personal experience, if using lube on first insertion - don't put too much on! Mine jumped out of my fingers like a wet fish and I had to start all over again.

Good luck with it, they're great once you get over the initial discomfort.

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