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Strange symptoms

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Sophie18 Sun 19-May-13 23:04:24

So a couple of months ago I started experiencing a small amount of memory loss. E.g. I would walk into a room and forget why I was there, forget a word I needed to write. This has since gone away but in the last week I've experienced extreme tiredness, I will need a nap in the afternoon, sometimes only a few hours since I've woken up and then I will very easily sleep for 8-10 hours in the evening. Also when I wake up from a nap I feel very disorientated for a while.
I'm a student revising for exams at the moment and have a few too many jobs on the go so this may be the reason but just feels a little strange.

Just wondering if anyone knows what this could be?

loopydoo Sun 19-May-13 23:49:40

I think it does sound like a stress thing and also possibly effects from being at the pc for long periods?

Try adjusting your screen brightness, chair position and make sure you are the correct height and your wrists aren't lower than the keyboard etc.

Try and give yourself regular breaks and treats to reduce stress.

Then if symptoms don't reduce, go and see gp.
Hope you feel better soon smile

QOD Mon 20-May-13 00:43:23

B12 deficiency or under active thyroid

See your gp

Could also just be stress

janji Mon 20-May-13 01:03:24

Trying not to hijack but can memory loss (especially forgetting words you want to use) be a sign of stress. This has happened to me more and more over past very traumatic year. Op, I would definitely see your GP if only for a check up. Xx

bulletproofgerbil Mon 20-May-13 04:08:49

When you are under a lot of stress or are over busy, you can get incredibly absent minded and exhausted.

Stress can cause all sort of weird and wonderful symptoms. And as loopydo says, being glued to a computer screen or book for ages can make you feel discombobulated. Definitely get it checked out with GP if it goes on, especially once your exams are over. Good luck with them and hope you feel better soon.

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