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Help -Dentistry and 6yo

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juuule Mon 22-May-06 23:56:03

Can anyone give me any advice/info about the situation we are in. My 6yo has a tooth that needs to come out. However, she is terrified of dentists (and doctors). She has been referred to the hospital to have the tooth out under GA. They have said that as GA is such a big deal (I'm worried sick about it) then any other teeth that have any decay at all should be extracted at the same time. They have identified 10 teeth that they wish to pull just in case they may cause a problem in the future. I am horrified at this and think it is barbaric. I also would like the one tooth to be extracted under sedation rather than GA. Is this possible with a 6yo? The hospital says not. Some American web-sites say that it is. Does anyone know whether I have any options other than 10 teeth out under GA?

MrsBigD Tue 23-May-06 07:56:38

have no advise but bump

I know my dentist is brilliant with kids but he's private and probably nowhere near you

niceglasses Tue 23-May-06 08:26:23

I think GA is the normal route. My son had one tooth that looked like it would have to come out for a while (didn't in the end) and he said it would be GA as only way to do it with small children. How awful for you.

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