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Pmt symptoms around ovulation - just me?

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sassytheFIRST Sat 18-May-13 20:53:16

these days I seem to have a couple of days of real grumpiness around ovulation time. I guess I've been aware of it for a year or 2 but it is getting me down a bit. Perhaps it is nature's way of ensuring no sex (cos dh wants to stay well away!) at my most fertile time - and thus no more kids. I'm 40, have 2 dds and no need for any more...

Anyone else? Anybody found owt that helps?

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 18-May-13 21:34:12

I was thinking this just the other day. Thought I was going bonkers but I really think there might be something in it.

FlumpsRule Sat 18-May-13 21:44:23

Me too. Although had it on & off for years, so not sure it's older age related.. My daughter gets pain around ovulation too & she's barely a teenager.
(we thought it could be the occasional laying of a 'big egg' grin)

Ledkr Sat 18-May-13 21:46:58

Yes I had it today. Couldn't understand why I felt so easily irritated by dds.
I also get bad pain and constipation.
No bloody break really is there?

FlumpsRule Sat 18-May-13 21:47:29

Sorry - that wasn't helpful.. Maybe Evening Primrose /St John's Wort or similar may help if it's hormonal?

glitch Sat 18-May-13 21:49:46

Me too. Am also 40 and have started to develop pmt at ovulation time over the last year. I also seem to have ovulation pain which is a new one too.
I was wondering if it was a peri-menopausal thing (is that the right wording?)

glitch Sat 18-May-13 21:50:28

I'm following the chocolate remedy route. grin

Twosugarsplease Sun 19-May-13 09:07:04

Me too... I am a pain in the backside for 2 weeks every month.
My GP gave me citalapram..
A couple of years ago one GP advised me to get st johns wort, I started to take it, until I discovered it can interfere with the contraceptive pill ! Surely GP should have checked that, I'm almost 40, and I feel my mood at this time getting worse.

Ledkr Sun 19-May-13 10:32:42

I absolutely hate dh at this time too. Everything he does annoys me. Poor bloke he will probably get fed up and fuck off but as long as its during pmt I won't care grin

Twosugarsplease Mon 20-May-13 17:09:16

Ledkr... I actually left my dh and headed for the station, i love him to bits. The adrennalin and anger feeling sorry for myself just took over.
Thankfully I came to my senses before getting in the train.
If I had reached my DM's kids n all, I would have had my head in my hands having made a huge mistake.
That's when I went to the drs in tears and explained what I did, for a stupid petty reason.

Ledkr Mon 20-May-13 17:27:22

Ha ha yes I am often to be found researching flights to Spain where of course I will have lots of beautiful friends and a great job with free childcare and ill be all tanned and skinny with dreadlocks grin

babyrose Tue 21-May-13 08:49:08

Yes I've been Really bad this month with pmt at ovulation and I have never noticed it before until I read this thread!

Scattymum101 Mon 02-Nov-15 22:10:48

Thank god I feel so much better. Sorry know it's an old thread but thought I was going batty!

colouringinagain Mon 02-Nov-15 22:15:03

Me too - a few days before ovulation and a week before I'm due - that's a lot of the month. Have had this for a few years now (now mid forties). It's rubbish!

Scattymum101 Mon 02-Nov-15 22:32:54

I have had awful pmt since having my second baby in February (im 31). The past three months I've had the pmt around ovulation instead of right before my period.
I've been diagnosed with PND but think it may well be a hormonal imbalance more than anything.
Taking starflower oil in the hope that it helps.

TheGrallon Tue 03-Nov-15 09:14:11

I get this, plus period style cramps and then a week of pelvic pressure and general uncomfortableness that's a bit like a uti..... Then I'm fine for a week before period starts! This change seemed to occur the month I turned 35! I'm off to the docs on Thursday. Anyone else get pressure type sensations rather than sharp ovulation pain?

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