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insect bites under nappy, anything I can out on?

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Monkeybar Mon 22-May-06 20:51:25

Ds has got what look like little insect bites on his groin, noticed 1 last night and 3 this morning. (Or possibly little pimples, also 2 on one of his knees). They don't seem to be bothering him at the mo, and I have been putting Metanium over them. I know that you have to be really careful with what you put on nappy covered skin, as the effects can be multiplied by the fact that the nappy isn't breatheable. I just feek so sorry for the poor little chap as two are just where the elastic of the legs sits and I can't help thinking that must irritate him. ANy suggestions as to what else I can do? (no calamine lotion in the house)

nicnack2 Mon 22-May-06 20:55:29

Sudocrem is pretty good

chapsmum Mon 22-May-06 21:07:38

how old is he monkeybar??
you could gie him an oral antihistamine like piriton or medised.

Monkeybar Mon 22-May-06 21:14:27

He's 9 months and 3 weeks. I've got some medised, didn't even cross my mind. Thanks for that!
Have only got piriton tablets (use them for the dog when she gets her feet stung by nettles and goes mad wiping them on the carpet trying to stop the stinging!)

chapsmum Mon 22-May-06 21:35:55

use the medised, dog piriton not really suitable even though he is on all fours
Seriously though you can get paediatric piriton but its not advisable to be used on the under ones.

Monkeybar Fri 26-May-06 13:23:29

In case anyone's interested....
Took ds to GP on Tues as smaller little bumps had appeared on his legs (around 2 large biote/blister looking things. I thought it might be chicken pox (1st time mum, here!). GP said insect bites.
Wednesday, he had one on his toe and one on his thumb.
Yesterday, nursery rang to say they'd hed hand foot an dmouth and that they thought ds had it. Took him to different GP who said it wasn't h,f&m ass he didn't have lesions on his hands and feet - so I pointed out the very small ones that were there and she changed her diagnosis to say that it WAS h,f & m.
Took ds to be weighed today (told hvs about the spots before I went in). They said that if they'd seen the one on his toe in isolation they'd have said Chicken Pox. But it could also be hf&m or a post viral rash from the rotavirus he had at the start of May. The ones under his nappy have dried, but don't look the way CP blisters look, apparently!
So, I'm no wiser as to what they are or what to do. He seems fine in himself, has no temperature, and eats well (no blisters in mouth). Any ideas what they might be, please?

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