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I forget asthma is so unpredictable!

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ClocksInALine Sat 18-May-13 02:01:27

Shift at work this evening was in a new building and we on a temporary floor while our new offices get sorted. It looked fine but smelled of chemical stuff - possibly the temporary floors or something. And apparently it had been very very dusty until a few days ago.

My chest got a bit tight as soon as I arrived. Ventolin helped a bit and I was sitting for most of the time but if I got up to the loo/kitchen then I was a bit out of breath. Worse towards end of night and a colleague made me laugh and it set off a wheezing/coughing fit.

Walking to my car had me out of breath and walking up the stairs to my flat was exhausting. Am in bed now, sats ok, have had some ventolin and saline in my nebuliser and am fine lying down. Have taken 40mg of predniselone (steroids) which I am allowed spare of incase of situations like this. If it has not improved much by morning will contact OOH at hospital. Glad to have avoided A&E on a Friday night.

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