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Help! Kidney and bladder ultrasound

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plim Fri 17-May-13 11:12:50

So I saw my gp this morning about the recurrent urine infections I've been getting - mid cycle every month almost. She did an internal and all fine, said there were white blood cells in my urine so sent that for culturing and prescribed me one short strong course of trimethoprim and a 4 month low dose course grin then also prescribed me oestrogen pessaries???? She has referred me for a kidney and bladder scan to rule out stones or 'other reasons'. I'm now worried about what that could be? Any one any experience / words of support! Thanks sad

plim Fri 17-May-13 11:43:55

Oh and I have thrush too sad

bulletproofgerbil Fri 17-May-13 12:23:38

Try not to worry. Doing a scan is normal if someone is getting repeated infections. I think they do it for kids if they've had a couple of uti's. I think it's the protocol they are instructed to follow (to lessen chances of being sued probably!).

They will want to rule out any abnormalities in the kidney/ureter/bladder that could be resulting in infections. When I had one done they found the pipe leading from kidney to bladder was on the narrow side and that my kidneys were draining slowly which allowed bacteria to build up. Apparantly that's not an unusual 'design fault'. Mostly they don't find any particular reason I was told.

It can be hormonal, especially leading up to the menopause - I'm getting more and I'm 52, and oestrogen supplies obviously lower, and so oestragen pessaries would make sense if it was a hormonal thing.

I was told that thrush can cause uti's but am not sure if that's true or not! Glad you are on a good course of antibiotics. That really sorted mine out. Hope you are feeling loads better soon.

plim Fri 17-May-13 19:56:11

Thanks, just scared they're going to find something awful! Surprised the gp has given me oestrogen - read the leaflet and its an hrt treatment!!! I'm only 38 and def not menopausal!

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