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Very sickie baby

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emmawill Mon 22-May-06 14:38:55

Hi, my ds has always been very sick after every feed, it seems like everything comes back all over himself and us! I stopped breast feeding at a month because I have a dd who is just one year older and she just got so jealous and it was impossible and neither of them sleep. Anyway we were are cow and gate premium and we changed to hungry baby as he wanted a feed every 2 hours and he was still being very sick but still gaining half pound a week so the health visitors and doctors weren't worried at 3 months we were reckoming trying sma gold we changed he was still sick and veery hungry went over to sma white for hungier babies and he was ok for a day then started being very sick again, he's now 4 months and we have started to wean him as he's so hungry but he's just so sick the whole time.

Anybody got any ideas why or had the same experience?

Thanks in advance!

queenrollo Mon 22-May-06 15:12:38

my ds was the sickiest baby i have ever encountered. i was too embarrassed to take him anywhere because of the way people reacted to it, and was scared of ruining friends furniture etc.
my HV was useless, just telling me some babies are sicky (which they are) but i used to just cry with despair.....feed him, he's sick, he cries because he's still hungry, feed him, he's sick, he cries because he's still infinitum....
despite this he has maintained on the 91st centile, and though he was four weeks early has been consistently bigger than other babies his age. he's now 9 months old and doesn't look out of place next to friends 12-15 month old little ones.
we weaned earlier than advised, and he did settle down gradually. now he just gets sicky again when his teething produces a lot of dribble.......
now i'm through the mists of early motherhood i realise i should have gone to my GP for advice rather than accepting my HV rather useless comments.
i could go on forever about my experience with a sicky child.....

emmawill Mon 22-May-06 15:22:21

Yes it is embrassing and awful I even find other mums look shocked by it so I hate going to mother and baby groups. My dd was a little bit sickie but nothing like my ds, he's a big baby too. I've made an appointment for the docs on thursday but I been to him before and he just treats me as a narotic mum! Did your ds bring up his food when you started weaning? mine is and now I'm worried that I shouldn't be feeding him, what do you reckon?

snowleopard Mon 22-May-06 15:30:29

Oooh the sickiness - I remember DS used to get through about 15 bibs and 5 outfits a day - once I got him dressed 4 times, one right after the other as he just constantly vommed all over everything. We were really worried, but he kept gaining weight and grew out of it, and nothing we ever did, no advice we had helped at all. The worst was over by about 6 months and I think eating solid food did help him keep things down.

Do go to the GP but don't be surprised if nothing works! - just rest assured it will calm down eventually.

FrayedKnot Mon 22-May-06 15:30:58

Ds was sick after every single feed until he was 9 months, but gained weight steadily on the 75th centile so there were never any health concerns.

He was a little better once he started solids, but mostly the sick was just orange or whatever depending on what puree he'd had!

No-one ever saw all his lovely baby clothes because he was contstantly muffled under a huge bib.

My carpets were ruined, and once he was on solids, teh sick was really pongy.

He grew out of it around 9 months, once he was cruising, and his meals became stodgier and made up a bigger part of his intake.

Sorry, I've loads of sympathy, but not much advice I'm afraid.

snowleopard Mon 22-May-06 15:34:02

Oh so true Frayedknot - during the first couple of months when I was still very hormonal I used to weep piteously over his baby clothes that no one saw!

Pruni Mon 22-May-06 15:37:50

Message withdrawn

emmawill Mon 22-May-06 15:41:59

Oh dear so I've just got to ride it out basically? Well its good to know that its not that uncommon. Its just most of the time there seems to be more sick than he's even had to drink and I really worry that he's getting all of the nutrients he needs. So I guess its not worth trying any other milks but keep on with the food he is 16 weeks?

Pruni Mon 22-May-06 15:58:59

Message withdrawn

queenrollo Mon 22-May-06 19:33:07

emma......i just wanted to come back on to say i understand how hard this is to deal with never seemed to bother/distress my ds in any way, which probably is one of the reasons i never went to my GP. but emotionally it was one of the hardest parts of those early months with my beautiful son. i stopped making an effort with my own appearance because i was constantly covered in/smelling of his sick. and yes the volume of milk he was bringing up used to terrify me at times........he is (and always has been) such a thriving, happy little cherub that i was never too concerned about his health.

you can email me if you want to have a chat/moan off the board about this. i felt so alone, being the only mum i knew with a sicky baby, that i'd like to help you even if i'm just there to listen.

KathH Mon 22-May-06 20:29:07

This sounds so familiar! DS2 was constantly sick till he was about 11 months. One day he was sick about 30 odd times. The GP diagnosed reflux & he was referred to hospital where they prescribed domperidone. It didnt make much difference. I dont think people realise how hard it is, I couldnt go anywhere for about 5 months as he was sick everywhere. Me & him ended up changing our clothes about 5 times a day. It really got me down, I know its hard now & at the time I didnt appreciate people telling me this but it does get better & I can honestly say that now he's nearly 20 months I cant really remember the awfulness I felt at the time.

KathH Mon 22-May-06 20:30:07

And yes I remember the orange sick!

FrayedKnot Mon 22-May-06 21:52:46

I used to get quite down about it sometimes too.

I can remember getting so annoyed that wherever I took DS I had to take a mat or blanket so he didn;t ruin the carpet wherever I was going.

When we moved I found dried sick down the side of one of our (luckily, leather) sofas that must have been there for about 10 months. Ewwww!

emmawill Mon 22-May-06 23:05:12

Oh thank you all for your story and support, it is diffcuilt and I know I always look a state because I just can't wear anything nice as everything is covered in sick or gets sicked on before I go out a few times I have tried putting on something clean to go out in and just before we go out he throws up all over it . But yes he gains weight really well and in every other way is a very happy beautiful baby boy who I love to cuddle so much and have sick matted hair. I've even thought of having all my hair cut off as I just can't stand the sick. I never had it with my dd so its really taken by surprised.

Thanks so much for your posts

snowleopard Tue 23-May-06 10:37:37

Emmawill, just to reassure you, liquid always looks like a lot more than there really is when it's splatted everywhere (the same is true for blood - a small amount can look very scary if you've cut your finger and it goes everywhere, but it's just that liquid can cover a large surface area). It may look like a whole feed that's been sicked up but it very rarely is - that will be why he's still putting on weight.

I've noticed with everyone or almost everyone who's joined this thread to sympathise with you, their sicky baby has been a boy... must be a boy thing!

FrayedKnot Tue 23-May-06 15:27:21

A friend of mine who has grown up kids made me laugh when I was feeling a bit stressed about it, she said when getting ready to go out, she would get dressed, then put on a thin plastic raincoat, then get her DS & stuff ready, then take it off at the last minute, so she didn;t have to change again before going out!

Good tip, I thought!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Tue 23-May-06 15:32:35

My Jessica was AWFUL for throwing up.... and the only thing that stopped it was switching her to follow on milk at 7 months - sickness stopped immediately - overnight. I now refuse to feed rebecca SMA gold, and give her Farleys, and she is absolutely fine.

What annoyed me was that I was never advisded to switch her milk, the docs were prescribing gaviscon and a baby milk thickener to try and keep it down, but nothing!

shewhoneverdusts Tue 23-May-06 15:49:44

a long time ago now my dd2 (10yo) was 10 weeks prem and a bloody nightmare for projectile vomitting. HV was crap! She used to say "all babies are sick" but when dd reached 0.4centile, she listened! We were given thickeners for the milk and it just bunged her up. I decided the vomitting was better than the constipation! I think she stopped with solids, still sick but not as much, and basically as she got older and more upright (iyswim)things improved, although she will now still vomit when you least expect it!

KathH Tue 23-May-06 20:30:27

When i took ds2 for a trial session at the childminders before I went back to work, she answered the door wearing a black bin bag with holes cut thru for her head & arms!

Nemo1977 Tue 23-May-06 20:39:00

Emma is it possible your Ds has reflux? My ds was always sicky and hungry so when DD showed same signs just thought I had to put up with it. Turned out she had reflux and needed to go on a formula only available on prescription. Gp tried a few different things before we got to that point but she is like a different baby. Does he cry when he is sick? DD was still putting weight on but was constantly chucking up from her feeds.

EmmaKB Tue 23-May-06 21:17:43

Ds1 was very sicky from birth. HV said it was just one of those things and as he was a good weight at birth and was putting on weight there was no concern and he was 'normal'. I tried the cow&gate omneo comfort but it didn't really help much. Even when he started on solids he was still being sick. Hv still not concerned. In the end I took him to the doctor at about 7 months and exaggerated a little saying he was sick abouth 30 times a day when in fact it was only about 15-20 times. He prescribed gaviscon powder. It worked a treat and was only sick about the same amount as any other baby of his age.

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