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Postpartum gastro-problems

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rockerrock Thu 16-May-13 01:15:44

Has anyone experienced these? Not the usual problems in the first few days, but weeks of the stuff?

I'm 13wks PP and I have very smelly gas, slight cramps, and alternate between normal stools and small (too small: not normal) soft ones. Keep feeling like I need to go and then I can't/only do a very small poo. Then every so often I'll do a huge huge huge one. I didn't have problems before being pregnant and didn't even have problems during pregnancy. My diet hasn't changed. I'm active and drink lots, plus I eat a decent amount of fruit and veg.

I gave birth vaginally without any intervention. Baby was almost 9lbs so big but not massive (I'm 5'6). All looked fine at the 6wk check-up.

I do get constipated prior to my period and it then 'lets go' when I come on so maybe it's hormonal? I'm BF though so my hormones should be shut down right?

Any ideas? Or am I stuck with this?

rockerrock Sun 19-May-13 23:07:18

Bump. Anyone?

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