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Systemic thrush

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infamouspoo Wed 15-May-13 20:27:45

Why cant I get the GP to listen? My mum has progressed from oral thrush (she's on long term steroids) to oesophageal thrush. Its now, according to scans, in her lungs. Its probably elsewhere, definately in her gut.
The NHS guidelines say if a pateint hasnt responded to oral anti-fungals after 7 days, especially if they are immuno-compromised and have an indwelling device (she has a pace-maker), they need hospital admission and IV anti-fungals. Systemic candida, if it gets into the blood has a 70% death rate.
This has been going on for months.
Today she was unable to swallow as the oesophageal issue is now so severe so she went to the GP AGAIN. He took bloods, did an ECG and told her to come back in 2 weeks. I couldnt go with her as my son is seriously ill in HDU in hospital.
I dont know what to do. Obviously I'm going to go with her in 2 weeks. I've tried persuading her to go to A&E because she cant swallow anything except liquid but she's a frightenend old lady with memory issues, possible start of dementia (but maybe caused by the candida) and is refusing and my hands are full of my son.

Any advice? How serious is this? Why dont they follow their own guidelines?

MamaMumra Thu 16-May-13 17:24:26

Sorry to hear this OP. Can you phone the surgery and speak to the GP saying what you've said here?
Because your mum is on long term steroids, there should be a lower threshold for admitting her to hospital or getting specialist advice.

Hope your DS and DM are better soon.

infamouspoo Thu 16-May-13 17:33:14

will ring from hozzie tomorrow and tell them how scared mum is and that she cant swallow

Damnautocorrect Thu 16-May-13 17:36:07

Oh gosh your poor mum, I've oral thrush and It is painful.
Does your mum have a social worker for dementia? Sounds like she needs someone fighting her corner and your understandably busy fighting another.
Is she taking the pills and creme ok?

Mondrian Thu 16-May-13 17:45:09

Both In-laws were wrongly diagnosed on long term health issues ... Both were only diagnosed correctly when they got so bad that had to go to A&E. don't bother with GP get her down to A&E. DMIL passed away as a result as GP failed to diagnose cancer at an early stage.

infamouspoo Thu 16-May-13 19:36:16

How do I get her a social worker? Especially if she wont agree?

Damnautocorrect Thu 16-May-13 19:53:08

Not sure how it works if she doesn't agree, my grandmother had dementia and we just rang them and asked for help. They were great, I don't remember her agreeing because of the dementia. Although it would have been doctor backed.
Try it and see how you go, but I do second Mondrian if you get more worried then straight to a and e.
I'm sorry your dealing with this on top, but do try social services

RooneyMara Thu 16-May-13 20:00:18

You need to contact the GP on her behalf and get them to come out to her. If she has dysphagia (inability to swallow) this is v common anyway in the elderly and esp those with dementia, but late stage generally.

They can help, and they need to act quickly because she can't sustain herself if she isn't eating. I'd think an admission for some IV and so on would do her good. How old is your mum?

infamouspoo Thu 16-May-13 21:39:15

she's 78. If they cure this candida before it gets into her blood stream with its high fatality rate she should be ok. This sounds harsh but I cant deal with this on top of everything else. I cannot be my mothers carer too. My son is hospitalised frequently, requires 24 hour care and has several appointments a week. He doesnt sleep at night. I am beyond exhausted.

Damnautocorrect Thu 16-May-13 22:18:10

I did have a thought that the a and e admission may force social services hand if you have no luck with the gp tomorrow.

RooneyMara Fri 17-May-13 07:24:34

Be honest with them. with everyone. I believe that if she is admitted to hospital then often they won't let someone go home unless they have someone available to take care of them - and this could mean she gets a care package from SS.

I'm sorry I'm not much use on how it works but hand holding as I can see how bloody hard things are for you x

plim Fri 17-May-13 11:43:11

My son has systemic candida after pneumonia. I tried everything to clear it up, he had nystan, daktarin gel and fluconazole. The thing that cleared it was oxygen treatment - called max oxygen elements - you can buy it from the finchley clinic online. I also gave him dida tablets from holland and Barrett. Worked so might be worth a try. I would call her gp and express your concerns.

Damnautocorrect Mon 20-May-13 17:38:38

How are you getting on?

infamouspoo Mon 20-May-13 18:53:08

GP hasnt called me back. I am meant to be going with mother on June 3rd to her appt with this GP but we had a major row at the weekend (we dont really get on to be honest and I dont like her very much. Hideous toxic childhood etc but I'm stuck with her). So I dont know.

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