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Rash on face

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dinosaur Fri 30-Jan-04 15:54:56

I've got a horrible rash on my face. It started in September when I was quite stressed at work, and it's just getting worse and worse.

Does anyone have any idea what it could be? I thought either acne rosacea or eczema. I've tried aloe vera gel, potter's ointment and rescue remedy, to no avail.

SofiaAmes Fri 30-Jan-04 23:44:16

what does it look like? When I was a little child I used to get really raised angry looking hives on my body and hands and feet with every cold. I just started getting this again at 40 with every cold and every time I am a little stressed. Except now it's on my face and bottom too.

robinw Sat 31-Jan-04 07:54:23

message withdrawn

dinosaur Sat 31-Jan-04 18:20:44

It's like lots of little raised red spots, and in a couple of places the spots seemed to have joined together to form red scaly patches about the size of a 10p coin. Those are the bits that hurt most.

I think I had better just go to the doctor. I don't want to try even taking piriton because I'm pregnant at the moment. But thank you both for your replies.

SofiaAmes Sat 31-Jan-04 23:19:55

Dinosaur, I didn't realize you were pregnant. Please go see your doctor about it. It could be serious....Or it could be what I got for the last two months of my first pregnancy...called something like PUPPPA (sp?). It itched terribly and really wasn't curable. My oh so helpful gp at the time said "oh it does happen sometimes in pregnancy...have you tried calamine lotion. At least your ankles arent swollen." if I hadn't tried that and about 20 other things before going to see her with my skinny ankles.

robinw Sun 01-Feb-04 07:16:09

message withdrawn

dinosaur Fri 06-Feb-04 12:06:39

I went to the GP and he thought it was acne! Marvellous eh!

He has prescribed some sort of cream that contains erythromycin, an antibiotic.

CountessDracula Fri 06-Feb-04 12:18:40

Dinosaur it sounds to me very like impetigo. I should go back to your doctor and suggest this though I would have thought he should have diagnosed it if that is what it is.

My brother used to get it when he was young, and my cleaner had it last year (which I diagnosed!)

There is some info here It says it does not affect unborn children.

You can treat with antibiotics


CountessDracula Fri 06-Feb-04 12:21:13

...though having said that I have hardly ever had a spot and when I was pg I got acne on my chin, it was agony, looked awful and disappeared as soon as I gave birth so maybe your doc is right!

Here is a discussion about acne in pregnancy

dinosaur Fri 06-Feb-04 12:24:44

Thanks CD.

My DS1 had impetigo a couple of years ago and it was raw and weepy with yellow crusts - this is n't that bad. Doctor did raise the possibility of impetigo but dismissed it.

Sonnet Fri 06-Feb-04 13:08:18

Guess what Dinosaur I've just got over the same thing - my dr said it was an infection in my fair folicles - it was either side of my mouth and up around my nose and then spread to my chin. It was a mixture of what looked like red spots that then joined up into excema type patches around my nose. It came on slowly over about 6 weeks.
My dr gave me the same cream as you which did help a bit in the beginning but it seemed to get to a certain stage and not improve. I stopped using anything on my face except an E45 wash and E45 mositurising lotion. Last week the spot type things had gone but the scaly patches still remained. I used a mild hydrocortosone cream you can buy over the counter by the makers of E45 and today I'm the clearest I've been since November!! - Bad news is that my visit to the doctor was on 23rd December - it has taken this long to improve and I've still no idea what caused it....

dinosaur Fri 06-Feb-04 13:12:18

That does sound very similar sonnet!

Well, I will get the antibiotic cream and see what happens.

So much for my glowing middle trimester appearance, then...

kid Wed 11-Feb-04 10:28:58

One thing that I find works a treat on skin is vaseline. Both my kids suffer slightly from eczema from time to time. As soon as I put a thin layer on, the rash starts to go. My nephew has very sensitive skin and it works for him too.

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