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Underactive thyroid question

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ThreeDaughtersLoveSandwiches Wed 15-May-13 10:11:51


My doctor wants to do a blood test to see if I have an underactive thyroid. One of the symptoms I get is the tiredness.

Would you be tired all of the time or is it like I have where some times I feel ok and others where I hardly have enough energy to put the DC to bed?

I'm only asking as some times I just feel like I'm being lazy and not that there is a problem and wandering if this is normal.

OnlyChicaInDaHouse Wed 15-May-13 13:52:36

I just logged in to ask about hypothyroidism too! I find I am tired ALL the time and have zero energy. Everything is such an effort but I still have to do all the everday stuff and get on with it - it is such a struggle though. The reason I went to the GP is because I started off thinking it was having a new baby AND DS1 to deal with but then realised lately that even when both DS's sleep through the night, I am still exhausted in the morning. Absolutely exhausted, tired and burnt out.

I had about 5 vials of blood taken for all kinds of tests to see if I have an underactive thyroid along with iron levels, b12 and a few other things I can not remember.

I think I may have been struggling with my thyroid since birth of DS2. Then again I have been treated for depression and low b12 levels in the past but now I am thinking it could have been my thyroid.

Anyway, it is good your GP is testing you as it doesn't seem to be easily picked up on and can leave you absolutley knackered. If my thyroid is fine then I have no idea what the hell is wrong with me.

Other symptoms I have developed over the past year are:
eyebrows falling out (didn't occur to me this was a symptom though)
raspy/hoarse voice when I don't have the cold
thirsty all the time but find it hard to drink properly
extremely dry, scaly skin - I look really old all of a sudden
weakness in my arms when hanging the washing/blow drying hair
Oh yes! Can not remember a thing short term. So forgetful.
Brain fog - think this was originally thought to be depression/disassociation and I had therapy but it got me nowhere.

I felt like I was going mad - once I read the full list of symptoms for hypothyroidism I was soooo shocked and relieved that I wasn't imagining it or there was something seriously wrong with my brain as I could not remember a thing, was completely ditzy and felt detatched from reality somehow.


OnlyChicaInDaHouse Wed 15-May-13 13:54:36

Apologies - that was a bit long! In a concise answer to your question, yes an underactive thyroid has the main symptom of making you extremely tired with no energy. It starts out mild and can get gradually worse until you are falling asleep on your feet. Apparently it can also be hereditary so do any of your relatives have thyroid problems? Hope you feel better soon either way.

ThreeDaughtersLoveSandwiches Wed 15-May-13 15:41:05

Thank you for the reply

It does sound like you have a thyroid problem, though I am obviously not a doctor grin

My doctor suggested it because I keep going between feeling constipated and like I have a tummy bug plus my periods changed over a year ago.

I remembered earlier that my exH asked if my hair was falling out a while ago as he said it was looking really thin around the crown.

There are times I have no energy at all but that isn't all of the time which is what confused me a bit. I just feel a bit all over the place!

My mum told me yesterday that she has an underactive thyroid but it is only mild.

GinnyMac Tue 21-May-13 05:08:18

Try flax seeds, hot ginger tea with manuka honey and evening primrose oil. They can all be very helpful for an underactive thyroid

digerd Tue 21-May-13 09:54:19

I had an overactive Thyroid and underactive. My sis had an underactive one after DS 2. Both of us had the symptom of no periods.

QuietOldLadyWhisperingHush Tue 21-May-13 10:27:56

The tiredness can come and go, it isn't always constant. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid a couple of months after DD1 was born, and I would experience waves of fatigue in the evenings - even though we were blessed with a baby that slept well!

I was getting annoyed with myself for feeling so lazy all the time, so when the GP diagnosed it I was really relieved. It took a week or so after starting the tablets to feel like myself again. Thyroid function can fluctuate, especially with hormonal changes such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, or even your choice of contraception, so go back to your GP to check your thyroid if you ever feel your treatment isn't as effective anymore.

Fairydogmother Tue 21-May-13 10:34:22

It can take up to 6 weeks to feel better after starting medication and it will take some time to find the right level.

Certainly extreme tiredness, brain fog, weak muscles, forgetfulness, very dry skin, constipation etc are all linked to hypothyrodism. but not everyone gets all the symptoms plus they can be symptoms of other conditions. get full bloods done and ask for your exact readings afterwards as some gps seem to fob people off with 'normal' diagnoses. if you arent happy ask to see an endocrinologist.

people dont seem to understand how awful having a thyroid condition really is. i've lived with it for 24 years now and its a real struggle - especially in work.

buildingmycorestrength Tue 21-May-13 21:17:34

I've had multiple blood tests for thyroid and they have not found anything, but someone said it is a condition that can 'hide' and not show up on tests...does anyone know about this?

jamtoast12 Tue 21-May-13 21:21:49

Not sure about hiding? Mine showed up clear as day on blood tests? What was your iron like?

Fairydogmother Tue 21-May-13 21:32:57

No - if your bloods aren't right then they show up!

SingingSilver Tue 21-May-13 22:41:41

A great book to read is 'Your thyroid and how to keep it healthy' by Barry Durant-Peatfield.

buildingmycorestrength Tue 21-May-13 22:52:23

Have just looked here and will try this temperature test. I've heard anecdotally people say they weren't diagnosed for ages because bloods kept coming back normal.

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