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retained menses?

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LeBFG Tue 14-May-13 08:50:09

Hi, I gave birth 2 and a half months ago and just had a scan. I've a weird liquid in my uterus. Could this be retained menses? Anyone any experience of this/treatment before I go to evil google?

Roshbegosh Tue 14-May-13 22:17:55

What was the scan result? Weird liquid doesn't mean anything. What did they say?

LeBFG Wed 15-May-13 09:20:02

The scanner bloke didn't want to say anything more than it could be an infection, or blood, or something else. I'm to get a sample sent off for analysis. I just thought it might be retained menses (like a period that can't escape) as I've been having bleeds. I wondered if anyone else has had this, what happened etc.

Roshbegosh Wed 15-May-13 21:07:02

I hope you hear soon and get good news or at least the right treatment. Please let me know.

Musicaltheatremum Wed 15-May-13 21:44:29

It could be a retained part of the placenta. Sometimes this gets infected. You may need to have this removed or have antibiotics to settle the infection and it could resolve with this.

LeBFG Thu 16-May-13 08:45:42

I'm due in for a sample on Monday. So don't hold your breath! I don't have a temperature so I didn't think I would have an infection!??...I suppose these things can be 'sub-clinical'. I hope it's nothing serious. The scanner man said I couldn't have a coil placed until the problem was sorted or it could lead to sterility!

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