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Anyone had any joy with the Alexander Technique?

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wangle99 Sun 21-May-06 17:57:49

My Mum is considering going along to be instructed in the Alexander Technique as she has back and neck problems.

Has anyone used this before and was it any good? Any info please!


roisin Sun 21-May-06 18:04:36

AT is fantastic. I had back problems since being a teenager, and these became chronic after my second and third pregnancies/deliveries.

I did an AT course 6 years ago, and have had no back problems at all ever since! It is that extreme - it's not that I haven't had a day off sick in that time, it's that I haven't had anyback pain in that time.

It also helps enormously for performance if you are a musical/drama-type.

Do make sure your/her instructor is qualified and experienced though, not a well-meaning amateur.


jamese Sun 21-May-06 20:39:07

I also used it for a bad neck/shoulder. As long as you keep doing it, even years after the original assessment.

I didn't do a course, my physio showed me some particular exercises for my problem and instructed me to do them about 10 times per day. This was approx 10 years ago, and when I have a slight stiffness in my next I do the exercises and I am usually fine not long after.

franke Sun 21-May-06 20:52:45

I would recommend this whether or not you have back problems - for me it became a way of life, rather than a fix for a particular problem. I started learning AT following treatment by an osteopath for a chronic back problem. I found it helpful in so many areas of my life and it also saw me through both my pregnancies and births. I stopped having AT sessions 2 years ago when I left the UK. I have never had back problems since. Agree to make sure you get a decent teacher - there's an association who list all the qualified ones. (try googling STAT).

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