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referral to neurologist, what to expect?

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EeyoreIsh Mon 13-May-13 10:08:26

Just been referred to neurologist. I have had pins and needles in hands and feet for a few months. preceeded by shaky hands. And preceeded 3 years ago with vision problems (? optic neuritis?)

My bloods came back clear.

Has anyone been through anything similar? I'm keen to know what to expect.

I'm not particularly worried, other than frustrated that I'm due to start ivf this month. It feels rather more than I can take on, but i'd rather ignore pins and needles than postpone ivf!

Heebiejeebie Mon 13-May-13 16:07:09

They will take a detailed history and then examine you - look in the back of your eyes, jiggle your arms and legs, test your strength, your reflexes and your sensation with a bit of cotton wool or a sterile blunt needle. They'll test your walking and coordination. They'll probably do some blood tests on the day and book some tests like a scan or electrical tests of the nerves for a few weeks or months hence. It's helpful to write down a list of symptoms and timings for them to read through rather than having to remember everything on the hoof. Have you got (or could you get hold of before your appointment) letters/results relating to your previous eye problem? They will want to know about that.

EeyoreIsh Mon 13-May-13 21:02:19

Thanks. writing the symptoms down is a great idea, especially as it's been over three years, I'm bound to forget things otherwise.

Good idea about getting notes from Moorfields. I didn't get copies of anything at the time.

It's a little bit on my mind, I must confess!

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