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History of abnormal smears & treatment - advice please

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springintheair Sun 21-May-06 12:25:50

I have a history of abnormal smears and was diagnosed with CIN 2/3 some years ago. I has various biopsies then a loop cone biopsy 3 years or so ago and since then I'm assuming I've been all clear (had smear about 18 months ago and never got results so asumed that meant ok). I've just had another smear which caused bleeding. Nurse said this was because of 'cervisitis' or inflammation of cervix. Have to wait 4-6 weeks for results but am scared. Could I have cancer? If so what happens next? Anyone been in this position?

LaylaandSethsmum Sun 21-May-06 12:36:56

having bleeding during your smear is very common and can be for all sorts of reasons the very rarest of all being cancer.cervicitis is just a general term for an inflamed cervix this could be hormonal, it could be due to your previous surgery, it could be an infection. with the new way of screening though your result should still be accurate. try not to worry this really is very common indeed.

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