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Hodgkins Lymphoma

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Kidstrack Sun 21-May-06 10:03:20

Dp's female cousin who is same age as me 24, has been diagnosed with this horrible cancer, just wondering if anyone has any knowledge of it, last year she had a lump on her neck and my doc said it was a fatty lump, since last year she continued to develop another lump on the other side of her neck and has had major weight loss, all signs pointed to something serious although she had been seen by 3 doctors over past year no one sent for tests until 2 weeks ago,2 lumps have been removed from her neck but she still has one on the other side, now she is going for a scan to see if it has spread anywhere else (which the doctors think it has because of the time she has had it) my concern and dp concern is that she is only 6st and her body won't take the chemo, but first they need to do a bone marrow transplant, this to me sounds as if they already know it has spread to her bones, dp is close to his cousin as i am because we are same age and she has always been a good friend in the 10yrs i have known her, i know it is treatable caught in the early stages, but i can't help thinking she has had it too long for treatment to be succesful

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 21-May-06 10:12:12


Would suggest you look at the following website as a starting point:-

There is info on there re HL under "cancer type". There is also a helpline number you can call (would suggest you phone them as well to talk to someone re your understandable fears). Educating yourself as well will hopefully you also.

I wish your partner's cousin well with regards to her treatment.

tamum Sun 21-May-06 10:22:00

Kidstrack, this is the most curable cancer. It's not 100% but it is usually completely cured. The bone marrow transplant doesn't mean it has spread to her bones, a lymphoma is a disease of white blood cells, and the bone marrow is where they come from, so that's why a transplant is very often the first line of treatment. I hope it works out for her.

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