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Back pain with 11 week old - help!

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Epnewmum Sun 12-May-13 12:14:04

Hi, can anyone help? My new baby is 11 weeks old and I have had bad back pain since about 2 weeks - seemed to get better but now getting worse again. Started off in left lower back with stiffness, spread to upper back and now all over lower and upper back. I can't lift him and am afraid to be on my own with him in case I Can't meet his needs. Am heartbroken as can't cuddle him and feel like a terrible mum.

I'm getting physio from 2 physios - it sounds possible that I have disc issues as well as the muscular pain. I'm worried this will be long term now as its been going on a long time. I'm terrified about the future - what if I can't look after my child?

Has anyone else experienced something similar and did you get better? Please don't write me any horror stories as I'm trying my best to stay positive for my baby's sake!

6monthson Tue 28-May-13 13:36:15

I don't have any answers, op, but just wondered how you were now? Has anyone got any advice for her?

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