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Ds (2 and half years old) front milk teeth look see through at

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Lilykin Sat 11-May-13 16:45:46

My ds has half moon shaped see through tips on his milk teeth. What is this and what can I do to stop prevent it?

I feel awful about it. Not sure what I have done wrong. He doesn't have any fruit juice only water and no sweets as in processed sweets. He has fruits early evening, milk before bed time aside from other main meals of day. Teeth brushed before bedtime (with tantrums!) and finally few sips of water before bed.

cathan Sun 12-May-13 14:56:22

From the sounds of it, you're doing exactly the right things for his teeth and what you describe, doesn't sound like decay. You might want to give him water to drink after he's eaten fruit, but aside from that I think you should carry on as you are, perhaps brushing his teeth in the morning as well as at night. You don't mention if he's been to the dentist for a check-up yet. If he hasn't, then maybe you could do that and mention your concern. It's a good idea to get them used to going to the dentist early anyway (especially if they later need any treatment). My DD and DS used to enjoy the whole thing (and the sticker they got for being good). Hope this helps.

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