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travel sickness tablets for adults

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poppiesinaline Sat 20-May-06 19:59:17

I have to make a couple of journeys (one in the back of a car and one on a coach) in the next month and I get very bad travel sickness. Does anyone know of any good travel sickness tablets I could take. Last time I went on a coach I threw up and it was not pleasant

Carmenere Sat 20-May-06 20:00:05

Kwells have changed my life

foxinsocks Sat 20-May-06 20:12:14

you can also ask doc for cyclizine - it may make you a bit drowsy but it is a fantastic anti sickness/travel sickness pill

tortoiseshell Sat 20-May-06 20:12:54

Stugeron is fantastic.

WigWamBam Sat 20-May-06 20:17:39

Another vote for Stugeron here - brilliant stuff.

poppiesinaline Sat 20-May-06 20:42:33

thanks. Right off to chemist tomorrow to stock up. Do you promise that I wont feel sick at all if I take them? and will they def stop me actually throwing up?

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