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aargh! pram tipped over with ds inside – advice?

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eddm Thu 29-Jan-04 16:43:21

I KNOW this was stupid but got into house, let go of buggy handles to take my coat off and all the shopping hanging from buggy tipped it over. DS (6 months) screamed but breastfed him and he seems happy and alert... so presumably no need to race to docs?

StressyHead Thu 29-Jan-04 16:54:43

message withdrawn

Northerner Thu 29-Jan-04 17:00:56

Same here stressy head. Ds smacked his head on our hearth after falling backwards when 6 months. I rushed to A&E, doctor said pretty much the same thing. They are very resiliant.

marthamoo Thu 29-Jan-04 17:03:06

I'm sure he's fine - his head would be pretty well padded in a buggy, and the bags of shopping will have lessened the impact. I reckon he just screamed from the shock. You sit down and have a cup of tea though

eddm Thu 29-Jan-04 17:54:49

Thank you! He's wolfed down his supper and is playing happily so all seems well. Damn, though, I always thought it would be dh who would have to confess to 'accidents' and I'd be very cross... but guess I have to own up. Gulp.

deegward Thu 29-Jan-04 18:32:51

eddm, this seems to be the week for it, I dropped ds2 (10 mths) when lifting him out of his cot, and he landed face down on the carpet. Boy can they scream, had him checked out and he was fine, although funnily enough he holds on tight now.

Tissy Thu 29-Jan-04 19:44:13

dd was about the same age, and sleeping in her pushchair at a park when her teenage brother and his mate were "play-fighting" and careered into the pushchair. She was luckily strapped in, as it somersaulted and landed face-down! No harm came to her, though and her db has been a lot more careful since!

BekkiKay Thu 29-Jan-04 19:47:59

Ds2 life was saved today by a spare of the moment decision not to put him in the pushchair but to sling him. I slipped going down a hill and the pushchair skidded and tipped down the hill and onto the road. Very scary.

hercules Thu 29-Jan-04 19:53:10

My dh used to be a manager in our local supermarket when ds was about 3 years old. he always used to criticise those dreadful mums who lost their kids and they had to call the parents over the tannoy. so of course shopping there one day i lost ds. my dh wa waving to me from the front of the store whilst i was desperatly hunting the aisles for ds. was about to go to customer services to get a call on the tannoy put out to look for a small boy but was plucking up the courage to do so when i found hi. 5 years later i still havent told him. needless to say dh has never lost him.

Evita Thu 29-Jan-04 20:33:32

I had an awful scare when my dd was 5 months old. I ended up on a v. steep, v. long underground escalator with the pram literally balanced on one wheel, supported by my leg in the air. Dd wasn't strapped in. My life and hers flashed before my eyes all the way up, but a kind man had seen us from above and gave us a hand when we got there. I burst into tears and could barely stand my legs were shaking so much. Dd meanwhile just sat in the pram totally oblivious.

Have to say, now she's 15 months and toddling around head bumps etc. have become a bit of a matter of course!

zebra Thu 29-Jan-04 20:35:47

DD twice slipped out of the sling onto concrete when she was about 4 weeks old. Tipped out of pushchair a few months ago, too (but she's 2 now, so only ended up with roadrash forehead).

suedonim Thu 29-Jan-04 21:31:02

I was crossing a busy road with 3mth old ds2 in a three-in-one buggy. I walked down the steep kerb at an angle and the whole thing started tipping sideways. Because I'd forgotten to click the carrycot properly into place, it came off the chassis into the road. I managed to scoop ds back into the cot before he hit the tarmac and manhandled the whole thing back onto the pavemment, before dissolving into a mass of tears.

suedonim Thu 29-Jan-04 21:31:53

Oops, should have been a there!

Bron Fri 30-Jan-04 09:26:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

prettycandles Fri 30-Jan-04 13:29:58

More bolting horses, but I've been told that if a baby or child gets a nasty bump and doesn't cry withing 5mins or stop crying within 15mins, then you should be concerned, particularly with bumps on the head.

I had my eye on the clock last week, when dd fell and gave herself a stonking black eye!

dinosaur Fri 30-Jan-04 13:33:59

Oh God prettycandles, now you've got me worried! DS2 fell off our bed a few weeks ago and basically landed on his head - I thought at the time that it was amazing that he didn't cry! He has seemed okay ever since - do I need to be worried about him now?

prettycandles Fri 30-Jan-04 14:25:04


I've dropped (or let roll) my two off the bed several times, and was always amazed if they didn't cry. Babies aren't generally afraid of falling, and they can be so relaxed and limp that they don't hurt themselves at all when they do fall. And babies do bounce, you know!

I think the rule can only be applied to not crying after a really eye-wateringly nasty bump on the head.

Northerner Fri 30-Jan-04 15:01:24

I remember reading an awful story where a mother was walking in park with abby in buggy and a dog. She had the dog lead over the stroller handle and she stopped to chat to some friends. Dog must have seen a rabbit or something and made a run for it, dragging the pushchair along behind him. No serious harm came to the child, but the mother was really shaken.

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