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baby /talcum powder - yes or no?

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fenny1 Sat 20-May-06 06:24:25

My aunt has said that a fine dusting ot talc is good for folds round arms and necks of baby but I didn't think it was the 'done thing' anymore?

Verso Sat 20-May-06 07:04:11

I didn't use it because I had heard of a health risk, but I think you can use cornstarch or something instead if you want to. Talc itself can cause breathing problems if inhaled and there have been some scary stories out there of other health risks, but whether they're substantiated or not I'm less sure of. I just thought it wasn't worth the risk really (and ended up with vats of the stuff that had been given to me!)

Auntymandy Sat 20-May-06 07:11:39

its not supposed to be good as they can breathe it in! There is a make that do a damp one avent I think its like a cream and dries as a powder.
Folds are hard to keep dry but if you are careful you can do it even if you have a very 'creased' baby!!! and sudocrem is good if they get a bit saw. the neck seems to be the worse!

Squarer Sat 20-May-06 07:59:03

There's nothing quite so fine as dusting a baby's bum and folds with a bit of talc. IIRC the "problem" arose when a child died from inhaling talc but so long as you don't shake the talc over their head the baby will be fine. I believe it was one of those freak accidents and I'm sure it's along the lines of the Macdonalds cups for coffee saying warning, contents may be hot"

notasheep Sat 20-May-06 08:14:42

didnt think anybody used it anymore

CarolinaMoose Sat 20-May-06 08:26:39

think it is ok if it's just around the nappy area, so it won't get breathed in. I don't think I'd be happy using it on a girl though.

I got given some in a Neal's Yard gift set and I did use it a bit for ds.

chapsmum Sat 20-May-06 08:58:23

there is the inhilatory risk but also some cases reported of cancers (in elderly women i hasten to add) did contain the aluminium from talcum powder in them when examined after death.
There was no proven link between cause and effect. However it should not have been there IYSWIM.

Squarer Sat 20-May-06 09:06:14

Just had a google on this - seems it is a little more than one case and an overreaction - quite common for clouds of it to be inhaled by all accounts. (I'm careful with it so I'm not worried!).
here's what I read

azroc Sat 20-May-06 09:12:30

I've heard you can get talc-free talc, IYSWIM, try natural baby product suppliers. Spirit of Nature are good, they might have it.

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