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ds put his hand in a very hot cup of coffee today

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jollyfolly Thu 18-May-06 20:12:09

i was trying to teach him the meaning of hot and was letting him touch the side of the cup to feel hot when he just grabbed the side and plunged his fist straight in..... he cried hysterically for 20 mins (as did i) but i think it was as much from the shock and my reaction:ie grabbing him and flying into the kitchen and shoving his hand into cold water... it seems ok,thank god, but bloody hell it frightend the life out of me!!
Any ideas how to teach the meaning of hot that might be a bit safer????

nicnack2 Thu 18-May-06 20:28:33

DS1 try to see how hot the iron was. i was standing right beside it. Have used Big Cook Little cook hot,hot, hot and that seems to work but it is one of these things that they accidentally learn. Old wivves remedy if the burn is very superficial then put baking soda on it as it reduces the sting. (could bicarbonate of soda but not cream of tartar! domestic goddess i am not

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