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RENAL ABOUT IT!! Kidney patients, parents and carers of kidney patients - step this way...

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qo Fri 03-May-13 12:18:01

Hi I'm Qo, I have a son with a very complicated renal condition - hypoplastic non-functioning kidney on the left and badly damaged kidney on the right. He's 21 years old (almost) and has learning difficulties, so I keep on top of all his medical care.

He was very poorly when he was younger, culminating in complete renal failure and cardiac arrest. He has had CKD ever since, but has been stable for around 20 years - last year his results just seemed to start taking a downward turn.
At first we were told he had a blockage and an operation would fix it, but a dynamic renogram showed no such blockage. As it stands now, his results have taken another downward turn - creatinine 225 (from 188 in jan) Urea of 11.6, and eGFR of 32%.

Consultant says he is ineligible for a biopsy as he only has one functioning kidney (although google tells me he is eligible for open surgery biopsy so I'm going to ask about that) but he thinks its simply a case of the kidney has taken so much "insult" as he put it, that its just worn out. Something I was warned could happen when he was first ill at 14 months old.

I hope we can all offer each other some support on this thread, as I know how worrying and draining this can be for us all affected by renal failure or renal conditions.

NorthernLurker Sun 05-May-13 09:49:21


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