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3yr old with sore penis.

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brimfull Thu 18-May-06 18:04:14

Ds complaing and won't let me touch it.It looks slightly red on the underside ,he's not sore when he actually wees.He's walking as if he's been kicked in the nuts but he hasn't.
any ideas?

Yafta Thu 18-May-06 18:07:21

Could be thrush? My ds had it when a baby. It clears up with cream from the doctors.

brimfull Thu 18-May-06 18:13:09

wouldn't thrush be itchy though?

popsycal Thu 18-May-06 18:22:09

ds1 is 2 and has had 2 bouts of this in the last 6 months
doc will give you cream if it is

it does tend to recur though?

cod Thu 18-May-06 18:22:33

Message withdrawn

popsycal Thu 18-May-06 19:19:16

ds1 is nearly 4, nnot 2

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