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having a mammogram on tues,when will I know the results?

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brimfull Thu 18-May-06 17:49:23

Quite worried and hope I wont' have to wait ages to find out the result.Will they tell me there and then?

alex8 Thu 18-May-06 17:54:57

probably not, in my experience. Usually you have an appointment with a conusltant. You only see a radiogrpaher who does the test. But every hospital is different.

mell2 Thu 18-May-06 18:18:40

A lot of hospitals have a one stop clinic. A few months ago i had a mammogram, ultrasound and fine needle aspiration (called triple assessmnt) all on one day and they told me it was a cyst. I know what you are going through, i am waiting for another appointment as i now have a lump in the other breast. Good luck and hope they can put your mind at rest quickly!

saffy202 Thu 18-May-06 18:19:24

Our local hospital does a one-stop clinic whereby you do get your results there and then, but like alex8 says all hospitals are different.

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