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Is it the done thing to bother consultants?

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qo Thu 02-May-13 10:53:16

My son is a renal patient and we are taking part in the pilot for renal patient view (basically I can see his results online as soon as they're available - same time as the doctors)

My son's last appointment was on Tuesday, got his results and he's taken a bit of a downward turn.
Urea of 11.6, creatinine of 225 and eGFR of 32% (for those of you that know what those mean, HCP's or kidney patients?) He's 21 years old, weighs about 10stone

Is it ok to bother the consultant to talk about this with me? I know they're very busy doctors and would hate to bother him and take up his time un-neccessarily just to allay my fears (and to stop me googling all kinds of crap) or do I just wait for them to call him in?

Slavetothechild Thu 02-May-13 10:57:32

I would ring the consultants secretary and he will phone you back when he is free. Or if you gp is knowledgable go and see him. It's so horrible worrying about our childrensad and has at 21he is still your baby xx I hope everything turns out ok dr google is not a mothers friend ;)

Keepmumshesnotsodumb Thu 02-May-13 11:31:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

qo Thu 02-May-13 12:15:50

Maybe should have said he has aspergers and mild learning difficulties which is why I tend to deal with healthcare for him, he'd forget or wouldn't have a clue what was going on! grin

Thank you for the replies, I think I might try GP first or wait to see if the consultant contacts me before monday.

We're not due another consultation until end July, but I suspect they'll send for us before then with these results in mind.

I'm not overly concerned with poor busy doctors, but his consultant is such a lovely man and doctor, plus he covers another region as well - I'm just thinking about if all neurotic mothers were to call every 5 minutes with concerns, it would probably keep him from his job somewhat.

And in reality, I know they're keeping a close eye on him, it would be to (selfishly?) put my own mind at rest.

Thanks for the input though, I appreciate it smile

Ledkr Thu 02-May-13 13:22:18

Hi my son is 26 and in renal failure. Like you I do it all for him.
With those results I'd not hesitate to call the secretary and get her to flag them up with him or one of the team or ask your gp to look at them and see what he says.
Hope he's ok.

qo Thu 02-May-13 13:27:32

Hi ledkr, what stage is your son on? My son is stage 3 currently, but with that eGFR it looks like he's knocking on stage 4's door. Also Hb has fallen a bit, not really low but am worrying that's the endstage anemia starting.

Sorry to hear your son is poorly too, but also nice to hear from someone who understands what we're going through, also hope your son is ok and thanks for the reply

Ledkr Thu 02-May-13 13:32:58

They don't talk about stages that I've heard of.
He has 8-10 % function and is on the transplant list.
He has just had his first iron infusion which made him feel a bit better.
He can start dyalisis at any time but he's ok without it for now.
We have the hospital this afternoon.
He's just had to stop work so we have been sorting out his benefits.
What a faff.
It is nice to know I'm not alone though.

Keepmumshesnotsodumb Thu 02-May-13 18:02:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Finallygotaroundtoit Thu 02-May-13 18:40:21

Why not phone the Renal Unit that treats him?

Does the trial not include details of who to contact about results - can't see the point otherwise

Hope all is well

expatinscotland Thu 02-May-13 18:43:21

Depends. I'd ring his/her secretary and schedule an appointment if you don't know him that well.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Thu 02-May-13 18:48:55

I would ring the unit and speak to someone there as a first off. They may have some kind of process for exactly this scenario.

Then I would speak to the consultant's secretary and ask whether they would give you a ring.

TallGiraffe Thu 02-May-13 18:49:16

DH is a consultant and he's always happy to talk to patients I'm less impressed when the call us at home after 10pm when he isn't on call but that's a different issue Call the secretary and leave a message and I'm sure you'll get a call back when he gets a minute.

Sorry your son is having problems.

ChunkyPickle Thu 02-May-13 19:05:03

I would call and speak to the secretary/unit as well.

I've had a couple of bad experiences where I didn't want to bother the doctors and really should have, and things got worse and became emergencies.

Better to take 10 minutes now, than hours and days later.

expatinscotland Thu 02-May-13 20:03:54

Tall, how do they get a home number? shock That's only given out to friends, no?

TallGiraffe Thu 02-May-13 21:04:34

Expat - we get very poor mobile reception where we live so the switchboard have our home phone number, as do most of his colleagues. A couple of patients have got through by pretending to be doctors and tricking the switchboard angry

But some of them have been given our number by other members of staff angry angry because they don't want to spend the time with the patients themselves and know DH is a softie!

On very rare occasions DH has given it to relatives of patients going through particularly horrible times, but then it's after a long time and a relationship has built up and they would never abuse that trust.

qo Thu 02-May-13 22:46:08

Hi all, thank you for the replies.

Well, I have seen my son this evening - I have not told him about the results as last time he had bad results he suffered weeks and weeks of crippling anxiety, to the point of having a heart scan his chest pains (through panic attacks) were that bad.

But today he said, I hope I get my results soon because I'm having trouble peeing.

So now I feel I have a justifiable reason to ring and bother the consultant, I am going to do it first thing in the morning.

I'm really grateful for all the replies, I've worried myself to the point of actually feeling sick today but I feel a bit better now.

Ledkr is there a renal patients/ parents of renal patients thread that I might have missed? if not should we start one?

Ledkr Fri 03-May-13 07:50:45

I've not seen one yes that would be great.
Dies your ds live I dependently?
Is he working?
Mine had to give up because his employers were absolute arses to him.
We are awaiting a DLA decision (not holding our breath) in the meantime he is impoverished as has to find about a hundred a month to too up his housing benefit. He only lives in a bedsit.
It won't be big enough for his kidney machine.
He is very depressed ATM too my h time on his hands and no money to do anything. He's staying with me for a bit.
Drs went ok. Function low but the same.
Only thing is phosphate very high but it seems he's not talking his meds properly so that should change.

qo Fri 03-May-13 12:06:56

I'll start one Ledkr, sounds like you really need t at the moment too.

Son doesn't live independently no, but he has been living with a friend since January - which hasnt worked out so he'll be back when the contract ends in June, he's here most of the time as it is anyway!! grin

Surely DLA should apply for your son's situation - if not then appeal, have you got a renal social worker attached to your unit that could maybe help?

More about what they do HERE

I'll start the new thread, and hopefully you can get more support there, I will be back with a link!!

qo Fri 03-May-13 12:18:35

Link to the support thread

qo Fri 03-May-13 12:25:08

Just to update this thread for the original reason - I have rang the consultants secretary and she's going to get him to ring me back

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