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Advice for my vomiting ds please! He's been asleep all day

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Psychobabble Thu 18-May-06 13:25:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

clairemow Thu 18-May-06 13:45:57

Hello Psychobabble -

I had a quick look in Dr Hilary Jones - he says vomiting can come on really suddenly, then die down and the child just needs to rehydrate. If it carries on for more than several hours, the child is generally unwell and has a high temperature, diarrhoea or pain, then it's best to see the doctor. He does say if the child is increasingly drowsy, you should consult your doctor for the risk of dehydration. Also if you're in any doubt go to the doctor again - he says if the vomiting also has other symptoms or persists for more than 6 hours, go back to the doctor.

Some of my thoughts - did he sleep all night after being sick in the evening? I am thinking of last time I was sick, it knocked me out for a couple of days, so he may just be recuperating. His tummy is probably still a bit fragile as well. Maybe you could try something really bland, like Jacobs crackers? Avoid milk though, as it's quite fatty and might make him sick again.

Definitely call the doctor again if you're worried at all.

Hope this is helpful..

Psychobabble Thu 18-May-06 13:49:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

clairemow Thu 18-May-06 14:46:49

Hopefully he is just tired then if he woke up a few times in the night as well. It must be a good sign if the sickness has stopped. I think toddlers don't cope as well with tiredness as we adults do! Their little bodies are so small to cope with having a sickness bug - and your lo is only just over 1, so still v. young. Last weekend, DS was up until 9 on Sunday (very late for him!) - he's 2, and on Monday he was knackered all day, slept after lunch for a good 2 hours, and then asked to go to bed early in the evening (was asking at 6 pm!). Hope he's better v. soon. LOL.

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