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Is it possible for a urine test to miss an infection?

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JamesJazz Wed 01-May-13 17:18:56

I've had a UTI that I think developed into a kidney infection. I did a urine test at the doctors before I started getting the really horrible symptoms (shivering, shaking etc) and got the results then that there was an infection and was given antibiotics (but these were prescribed when it was pretty symptomless aside from waterworks issues).

Anyway, it didn't feel like it was cleared up properly so I went back and got more antibiotics- but the urine test came back clear.

And now I still don't feel like its been cleared up, but I feel silly going back after a clear test result. Is it possible something could've been missed?

My symptoms are: very changed waterworks, needing to go much more and needing to drink much more, and a kind of low level dull ache in the lower trunk region. And smelly wee blush

Thank you in advance!!

bulletproofgerbil Wed 01-May-13 20:49:06

I'm not sure about the accuracy of tests but you still sound to have signs of active infection so I think another visit to the doctors is a good idea. I find that if I am given a short course of antibiotics the infection often doesn't clear properly or comes back quickly. I now ask for a week's course preferably 10 days. If it's a bad infection and involves kidneys perhaps you needed/need a longer course. You aren't being silly at all going back. Kidney infections can really get nasty.

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