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Stupidly googled it... Now a bit panicky!

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Sparklymommy Wed 01-May-13 11:28:30

Ok, so back story;

Two years ago I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease after a stay in hospital with kidney stones. Not much done about it at the time but having been reviewed recently several issues have got me a bit panicky.

Firstly my blood pressure. Two years ago it was roughly 170/100. Now it's about 250/150. Not a good sign!

Recent blood test came back with high heamoglobin levels (haven't got much idea what this means but having used google it appears that heamoglobin is secreted from the kidneys).

Back pain is becoming an issue again (this was one of the signs when I had stones).

Pressure when I pee. Tmi I know but it is an issue.

Having googled these symptoms it's come up with a couple of worrying possible causes. First kidney failure. Don't much fancy my chances of getting a new one. Also renal cancer. I don't want to think about the c word so I'm not.

I can't get to see my GP until next Wednesday but I am worried about it. Am I right to worry? Or am I being melodramatic? As a mum of four the idea of being seriously ill is a big worry.

illmum Wed 01-May-13 13:36:09

It's only natural to worry. I have a rare illness that doctors can tell me nothing about I google everything but sometimes it gives you the worst possible outcome. I should be dead with everything iv had but your body is an amazing thing and can come back fighting.
Try and stay positive and speak to your GP. If the outcome is bad you will deal with it. Speak to family and friends with how you are feeling it may help.
Hope all goes well on Wednesday

digerd Wed 01-May-13 15:58:02

I don't know anything about renal failure, but your BP is very worryingly high.

I wouldn't wait a week and phone NHS direct with your BP and other symptoms.
Good luck

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