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Jinx1906 Wed 01-May-13 11:03:40


Already posted this on MH, trying again:

A friend of mine has been diagnosed with this condition and has been off work for nearly 18 months. I'm trying to help her but I don't know much about the condition so I was hoping to find some help here on these boards.

She says that she always feels tired and is not able to go back to work. She seems to spent most of her days doing nothing, except that she is now going to the gym a few times a week. However, she still says that she is to tired to go back to work. She spents a lot of the time around my house when I'm not at work. I guess she just craves company. I don't mind however my DD's and my husband are fed up with the fact that she spents so much time at our house. My husband in particular thinks that she should just get on with life and says that if it wasn't that work pays the bills he too would like to sit at home and do nothing the whole day long. He seems to think that she is just plain lazy and enjoys a life on benefits. :-(

I want to continue to support my friend but I simply do not know what to do. I don't know much about the condition.

Any advice very much appreciated.


chocaholic73 Wed 01-May-13 12:04:07

hmm ...CFS/ME is not a mental health condition - it is classified as a neurological condition by the World Health Organisation. Many, many people suffer badly with this and it affects their whole lives. It is not tiredness ... believe me ... imagine trying to function normally when you feel like you have bad flu. Have a look here for further information Comments like your DH's ".. thinks she should just get on with life and ... he too would like to sit at home and do nothing the whole day long"are not going to help your friend. I can honestly feel my blood pressure rise when I read that! I am Mum and full time carer to 2 DDs with CFS/ME. One is currently bedbound, severely affected and has had no life for 6 years now. You do sound as if you want to help your friend and she is fortunate to have you. I would suggest you find out more about the illness and ask your friend how she is affected (everyone is different) and what the drs have said to her. Is there anything practical you could do for her to make her life easier? If you want to Pm me please do.

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