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Any medics about? Numb leg not getting better.

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landofsoapandglory Tue 30-Apr-13 21:07:32

I have long term back and pelvic problems since being pregnant and having DS2, now 16. My symphysis pubis is plated and fused, and both my SI joints are stabilised with hollow bolts which were filled with some sort of synthetic bone paste.

I have frequent LA and steriod injections into all 3 joints of the pelvis, my left hip, and various points around the front of my pelvis.

Last Wednesday I had bi-lateral SI joint steroid injections done, under X-ray, so he could see exactly where he was going. He was teaching, so was very, very precise. When it went in I felt a shooting pain down my left leg, but thought nothing of it. As he did the right side I could feel the left leg getting number and number. I told him when I went to stand up and he said it was the local and it would wear off in a bit. I stood up and almost collapsed, so they put me on a trolley.

After about half an hour, the nurse made me get up and said it would be back round in a couple of hours. She sent me to the changing rooms in the X-ray dept to get changed, I use crutches any way, and couldn't stand so had to text DH who was in the waiting room to come to help me!

Later that evening I could feel nothing, DS2 tried sticking a pin in my foot and I didn't know anything, so I phoned my GP who said it could be a 'nerve injury' and to let the hospital know. Overnight it came back a tiny bit, but wasn't right and I couldn't put any weight on it.

I phoned them on the Thursday, the nurse said to rub it and see how it went. There was no change when she rang on the Friday, so she said sit on it over the weekend and see how it went.

Over the weekend it got worse if I sat in a chair, or tried to move about with my sticks. The nurse rang yesterday, she said she'd let the consultant know and she'd ring me later in the week!

It is driving me mad. My leg feels really, really dead and heavy. If I sit in a chair it gets worse so I have to sit with my legs out stretched. I can't put any weight through it, and it is not resolving. Does anyone have any idea how long this could go on for?

(Sorry for the essay and thank you if you managed to get through it smile)

LaGuardia Wed 01-May-13 20:34:59

The shooting pain you mention sounds very much like he touched the sciatic nerve.

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