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Hand Foot and Mouth Anyone?

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sallycinnamon Thu 18-May-06 10:22:50

Spent a lovely weekend with friends who have twin toddlers. On Sunday night their mum rang to say they had come out with chicken pox and had my dd had it. She has so I wasn't to worried. Yesterday DH got an email from twins dad saying they'd found out that they've actually got Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. No idea what this! DD spent yesterday with a high temperature and generally being very lethargic. Is it a coincidence? Any info greatly appreciated.

Bubu Thu 18-May-06 12:14:05

I have had this myself after working at a nursery for several months. My tongue was red and blotchy as were the soles of my feet and the palms of my hand. It was a few years ago but think the doctor gave me something for it. Hope this helps - brain a bit dodgy at the mo.

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